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FCW Watch (December 25th, 2011): Raquel Diaz Shines on the Microphone, While Ivelisse & Caylee Turner Face Kaitlyn & Cameron Lynn

Welcome to your official Christmas Day edition of the FCW Watch!~ We’ve seen Divas action for the past two weeks, and thankfully, we’re going to be seeing it a lot more in the coming month with some matches taped for every episode. On tonight’s program, NXT Season 3 winner, Kaitlyn, teams up with the spunky and improving Cameron Lynn (Ariane Andrew) to face off against the devious duo of Caylee Turner (Christina Crawford) and the debuting Ivelisse Velez from Tough Enough! Not only that, but the new Queen of FCW, Raquel Diaz, displays her greatness on the microphone as she cuts a promo, as Danielle Moinet makes a brief appearance alongside Abraham Washington.

You can see all of that by scrolling down below, but I can think of no better way to open this holiday edition of the FCW Watch than with a little Christmas greeting from the Divas mentioned above, as well as Aksana, Maxine, Audrey Marie, and the possibly departed Leah West:

Now that that’s complete, let’s delve into the match of the night:

Some spunky new music hits, as out comes former Tough Enough rivals turned FCW tag team partners, Ivelisse Velez and Caylee Turner. The duo make their way into the ring and taunt the crowd, as our national anthem of NXT, “You Make the Rain Fall” then begins to serenade us. Out steps Kaitlyn and Cameron Lynn, who excite the crowd with their poses and overall perkiness. Once all four ladies step into the ring, and Cameron displays some poses to the fans, the bell sounds and we start off with both she and Ivelisse.

They lock up in the center of the ring, as Ivelisse shoves Cameron back. This fires Lynn up, as she drops Velez and executes a nice jackknife pin for a near fall. She proceeds to punch Ivelisse in the jaw and drag her to the corner. Tag in to Kaitlyn, as she and Cameron hit a double team Irish Whip into a backbreaker maneuver that gets another close count. European Uppercut from Kaitlyn, as Ivelisse tries to come back with a clothesline that Kaitlyn ducks. Our NXT winner locks her arms around Ivelisse’s stomach, as I begin to die with laughter at Caylee Turner pulling an Aksana and falling into the ring to distract Kaitlyn long enough for Ivelisse to take advantage.

Caylee scurries out of the ring as Ivelisse hits some nice kicks to the back and pulls Kaitlyn into the corner. Kaitlyn tries to punch out, but Ivelisse exits the ring before making a tag.(clearly just first match nerves so nothing to fault) Caylee then proceeds to slap Ivelisse on the elbow and make the tag in herself. Turner immediately takes advantage over Kaitlyn, before sending her back into the corner and hitting some nice punches. A wrist lock by Turner into an arm wringer flip for a two count. Kaitlyn finally gets some momentum as she goes to Irish Whip Caylee. She sets her up for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Caylee counters nicely into landing on top of Kaitlyn and covering for a near fall.

Caylee applies a headlock, as Ivelisse tags back in and the two continue to dismantle Kaitlyn. Ivelisse with some sharp kicks (side note: her kicks are awesome) before applying an arm lock submission that sends Kaitlyn down. Kaitlyn tries to use her upper body strength to lift Velez into her back, but Ivelisse counters back out and keeps the submission locked in. Kaitlyn quickly hoists herself up and backs Ivelisse into the corner to break the submission. Both women then make the tags out to Cameron and Caylee, as Cameron charges full force onto Turner.

Cameron with a nice shoulder block to follow, before trying to go for a punch, but Caylee ducks and hits a front face lungblower to the jaw. She then proceeds to run off the ropes with a pair of knees to to face as the referee counts a two before Kaitlyn breaks it up. The two ladies try to go for a double team clothesline, but Caylee ducks and Ivelisse pulls Kaitlyn to the outside of the ring. This leaves the Cameron in the ring all alone as Caylee spins her around and hits the CT Buster (since I love making my own names up for unnamed finishers) for the victory! Ivelisse and Caylee celebrate as the spunky music rejoins us and their opponents try to recover.

We then join Raquel Diaz at the interview section of the arena, where she stands alone holding a microphone. She instructs everyone to hail the new Queen of FCW, as she poses to some boos. Raquel takes us back to last week where she says that she outsmarted Aksana and finished her off with the Gory Bomb to become the new Queen. She makes note of how the fans were cheering for her, before claiming that their cheers were meaningless to her. She reiterates that their excitement was meaningless, because the title was as well.

Raquel states that Aksana simply carried it around like a little… something chihuahua. (Thanks Raquel for at least leaving chihuahua in so I could understand some of this, haha.) She calls it a prop, and nothing more. Diaz changes her tone and claims that now with her being Queen, she’s going to restore dignity back to the title. Not only that, but the crown is her first step in acquiring everything she wants in wrestling – and that is total domination of FCW! Raquel then poses with her new crown, as the segment ends to Byron Saxton informing us to all hail the new Queen.

Also, check out a brief appearance by Danielle Moinet as Abraham Washington helps Seth Rollins escape a two on one beatdown from Dean Ambrose and the Very European, Antonio Cesaro:

Thoughts: Another Diva filled week of FCW it appears. I’ll start with the match, which I personally thought was decent. There was a little miscommunication at times, but given this is developmental, you can’t improve on things if you don’t make mistakes. I’m really liking Caylee Turner as a heel, and I personally hope she stays that way. I would love to see a singles match between her and Kaitlyn because I think with Kaitlyn’s upper body strength, she can support more of Caylee’s moves (like that awesome tilt-a-whirl backbreaker counter). Cameron Lynn did fine too for me. She’s still very new, and I think she is coming along great. Yes, there was a little mix up with Caylee towards the end, but stuff happens. They recovered nicely and the finish did look impactful.

Ivelisse has got some sick kicks! I know I said that enough above, but I can’t get over how great they were. I’m excited to see how her future matches go when she gets more familiar with the crowd and the TV production set up because I think she’s going to be one to watch out for. Kaitlyn was Kaitlyn for me, and since she’s one of my favorites in WWE, that is a good thing. I think she has so much to offer working matches in FCW because of her strength. Like I said above, she is able to take some moves that other girls can’t simply because of her fitness background. Overall, I thought the match was fun and I like seeing these fresh faces have matches because it can only help them to improve.

Raquel’s promo was really good. I feel like she has a natural charisma to her that makes what she says sound unique and real. Whether it’s a face or heel, she’s good at both, and personally I love her as this top heel who wants to take over FCW. With last week being a match involving no face, I thought it was tremendous to acknowledge the crowd being on her side, only to claim that their response didn’t matter because Aksana didn’t make the title matter either. I don’t know what it is about her, but she just has “it” as a lot of people say. With the crown, she is only going to be given more matches on the live event and TV circuit, so I’m excited to see what she’s going to be like overall as 2012 progresses on.

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