Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Filling the void – five wrestlers WWE need to push

Rhea Ripley

Credit: WWE

Ripley was one of the hottest names in the business at the end of 2019. But that is a long time ago now and as her the match against Robert Stone and Aliyah at Great American Bash proved, Rhea Ripley’s time in NXT is over.

Ripley stormed NXT on her way capturing the NXT Women’s Championship and ending Shayna Baszler‘s stranglehold on the division. Then the feud with Charlotte and the resulting loss of the NXT Women’s Championship made her look like a chump and she is yet to recover both booking and character-wise.

Ripley boasts awesome physical attributes and her in-ring power and ferocity is second to none. Her post-apocolyptic, mega-punk look is as intimidating as intimidating gets and she would never look out of place near any title challenge.

A jump to RAW or SmackDown would boost her career and the women’s division on either show while putting every wrestler on notice.

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