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Five of the best women’s matches at SummerSlam

3. Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano – SummerSlam 1994

A highly important match on this list for a number of reasons. The first being that this match is the first women’s match to take place in SummerSlam history. Secondly, it is a classic match that created a legacy within WWF. Thirdly it featured two of wrestlings most accomplished and history-making wrestlers, in Blayze and Nakano.

WWF had crowned Blayze as their women’s champion in 1993 after the company reinstated the championship. Blayze had successfully defended the title against Luna Vachon two months earlier. Infuriated with the loss Vachon brought Nakano over from Japan to vanquish Blayze and take the WWF Women’s Championship.

Blayze and Nakano were no strangers to one another and had a storied history stemming from the year-long feud in AJPW. Both had legitimate wrestling backgrounds and prowess, which made the match, and the title even more important.

The dynamic of the match was simple, Blayze was the all-American babyface and Nakano was the monster heel. Nakano would control most of the match overpowering Blayze with her strength and submission holds. But Blayze never gives up and eventually uses her speed to gain an advantage and hit a bridging German suplex for the pinfall.

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