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Five of the best women’s matches at SummerSlam

1. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte – SummerSlam 2016

Charlotte and Sasha Banks had an incredible feud in 2016 over the women’s championship and this was the beginning of it. Banks and Flair would go on to exchange wins and the title for the rest of the year in a memorable and highly-entertaining feud.

Banks and Flair were regular opponents in NXT and debuted on RAW on the same night as part of WWE’s successful effort to legitimise and change their women’s division. Their rivalry only escalated upon their arrival on the main roster and their paths would cross many times.

Leading into SummerSlam, Charlotte had lost the title to Banks the month prior on an episode of RAW as the two battled to prove to the world who was the best in the Women’s Revolution.

The match started and their chemistry was instant and it was clear we were in for a treat. There was an array of crazy spots, innovative submission counters and plenty of near falls. The passion and competition on display from both competitors was astounding and they told an amazing and gripping story in the ring, whihc was a pleasure to watch.

The match proved to everyone that the Women’s Revolution was more than than just a slogan and a movement, but a fully-fledged new era in professional wrestling.

A strong, solid match that is arguably the best women’s match in SummerSlam history.

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