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Five of the best women’s matches at SummerSlam

2. Carmella vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte – SummerSlam 2018

Another very important match in the list as this was the catalyst for Becky Lynch’s heel turn, the creation of ‘The Man’ and one of the biggest runs in wrestling history.

Carmella walked into this Triple Threat match as the SmackDown Women’s Champion but all the focus was on Lynch. Lynch was on a winning streak and had the fans fully behind her to dethrone Carmella as champion. That was until Charlotte was added to the match much to Lynch’s and the fan’s chagrin. Would Lynch ever be able to break free from the shadow of Charlotte?

This animosity leading into the show added an extra layer intrigue and excitement into a match that featured one Carmella’s best performances, Charlotte becoming seven-time champion and Lynch’s career-changing moment.

As good as the match was it was all about what happened after. A furious Lynch took out her frustration on the newly crowned champion. She attacked Charlotte much to the pleasure of the crowd. Lynch then laid in a number of strikes and sent sent her over the announce table before making her trumphant exit.

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