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Flair & Deville Brawl On SmackDown; Rodriguez Added To Royal Rumble


For those that missed the Jan. 13 episode of SmackDown, there were two women’s matches and a segment involving SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair continuing a feud with Sonya Deville.

The first women we saw during the night was a backstage segment between Liv Morgan, Maxxine Dupri, Emma, and Raquel Rodriguez. In the locker room, both Emma and Maxxine were questioning Morgan’s desire to enter the Royal Rumble in the number one position. Emma was giving her advice more out of care whereas Maxxine pretty much said she was dumb to want to enter at number one.

Rodriguez would enter the conversation and agree with both Emma and Maxxine. Morgan took offense to this and said she recently had her palm read. She wanted Rodriguez to take a look at her palm but instead, Morgan slapped her across the face. Rodriguez said she is tired of people not realizing she is the strongest woman in the locker room. This led to a match between the two later in the night. Rodriguez also declared herself for the Rumble.

The first match was between Tegan Nox and Xia Li. It was a quick affair between the two only lasting a few minutes. The winner of the match would be Nox after she avoided a spinning kick from Li. Nox hit the Shiniest Wizard to get the pinfall victory.

Valhalla was involved in a Viking Raiders vignette calling out Drew McIntyre & Sheamus.

The second match as mentioned earlier was Morgan facing Rodriguez. Lasting a bit longer than the first women’s match, this one went to Rodriguez. As the match came to its conclusion, Morgan pulled out a table despite this not being any type of stipulation match. She set it up and placed Rodriguez on top of it on the outside. As Morgan climbed to the top, Rodriguez would roll off the table and got back in the ring. Still on the turnbuckle, Morgan went to hit a crossbody but was swatted down by Rodriguez. Rodriguez followed up with the Tejana Bomb to get the pin.

Lastly, Sonya Deville was backstage in Adam Pearce’s office demanding a rematch for the SmackDown Women’s Title against Charlotte Flair. Deville failed to get the victory last week and wants another match. Pearce explained to her that’s not how it works, she just lost and has to go to the back of the line. Deville wouldn’t accept this and said she will get her rematch essentially her way.

Moments later after a commercial break, Deville attacked Flair backstage and the two entered into a brawl. The brawl was broken up multiple times by officials but it did last a few minutes.

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