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Flashback Match: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair – Raw 07.25.16


This week’s Flashback Match Friday is a match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair that would be the start of a series of unforgettable matches for the Women’s Championship (eventually renamed Raw Women’s Championship).

Flair became the first Women’s Champion as the Divas Championship was retired at WrestleMania 32 after a tremendous Triple Threat battle against both Banks and Becky Lynch. Banks wasn’t finished with her vision to win her first gold on the main roster and she does it in this very match.

On Raw nearly six years ago to the day on July 25, Flair defended her title in the first of six matches the two would have for the Raw Women’s Championship. At the time, the back and forth of the title exchange seemed unnecessary, but looking back it can be credited to how important the championship is and what it represents.

In this particular match, Banks would win her first gold on the main roster. She was previously an NXT Women’s Champion much like Charlotte. However, Charlotte had won the Divas Title and now held the Women’s Championship before The Boss.

The final moments of the match saw a series of Bank Statements. After locking it in, Flair was able to roll away from it to get closer to the ropes but Banks locked it in again. Flair would get her foot on the ropes to break the hold. Seething, Flair told Banks that she will never beat her. This just before Banks executed the backstabber into another Bank Statement. Flair would tap and we had a new Women’s Champion.

As mentioned earlier, the two women would go on to have five more championship matches throughout 2016.

  • Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks (c) – SummerSlam
  • Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte Flair (c) – Oct. 3 Raw
  • Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks (c) – Hell in a Cell – First Women’s HIAC match
  • Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte Flair (c) – Nov. 28 Raw
  • Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks (c) – Roadblock: End of the Line

These matches would go on to be referenced for years to come as Banks was ridiculed for not being able to hold onto a championship for more than 30-days. She would eventually do so with the SmackDown Women’s Championship and the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

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