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Former WWE Diva, Former Playboy Model, Former… Stripper?

Remember me? I’m the one who made an official blog debut about two weeks ago, before fading into oblivion. Long story short, mid-terms will do you in. I’m slowly inching my way back into the cyber world, so hopefully you’ll see more of my posts on a daily basis. As for this topic, new or old, it’s definitely news to me. Perhaps for you, too?

Moving along, don’t you just adore the accompanying picture? Christy Hemme is a character, in and out of the ring. She’s got a red hot personality, and the hair to prove it! However, the usually optimistic Knockout has had a photo surface online that could very well give Kelly Kelly a run for her reputation as an extreme exhibitionist. Christy Hemme, Stripper. Could it be?

It isn’t exactly far fetched to have female personalities in the world of wrestling with pole dancing experiences; Lita put herself through wrestling school as a part-time stripper right by a Chinese restaurant, WCW’s Gorgeous George was a notorious stripper, before, during, and after her wrestling stint, and then there’s just a whole roster of ladies that have dabbled into both soft and hardcore porn, pole included.

But it begs the question: does that make them a slut? What is a slut in your opinion? Someone who exposes themselves on live television, via The Kat. Someone who literally spreads their legs in a mere ring entrance, via Melina. What about our Playboy cover girls, Sable, Chyna, Torrie, Christy, Ashley and Maria? Then we have controversial Divas such as Michelle McCool and her relations with the living-dead, Lita with her relations between Matt Hardy and Edge, and finally, Mickie James with her infamous photo’spread’ that just takes her reputation to a whole new level… and the way we look at Arby’s.

It just goes to show, there’s hardly anything left to shock fans of both Divas and Knockouts. For the most part, in merely every situation, it’s a been there, done that scenario. For every lady that makes a headline these days, there’s someone that has already blazed that path.

Moving back to Christy; in her defense, this photo could have been taken during her stint with her former dance team, Purrfect Angels. But as a former Playboy cover model and a featured starlet in Girls Gone Wild, anything is possible with Ms. Hemme. There isn’t much you can’t put past her. After all, she did name her finisher ‘Firecrotch’, and Lindsay Lohan, the queen of shock value herself and to whom this nickname was originally bestowed upon, would be oh-so proud!

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