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Former WWE Star Rips on ‘Granny Suits’ on Raw

Former WWE star, Carlito echoed the sentiments of many fans on his Twitter page, questioning WWE’s ‘PG’ Divas bikini match on Raw this past Monday. All the Divas were sporting less risque one-piece bathing suits, which Carlito dubs ‘granny suits’.

He says:

I’m wondering as fans, were any of u disappointed when the divas came out in those granny suits? I get the whole going PG thing, but WTF? Since when is a bikini not PG? Oh, and BTW all u girls looked gr8 in the granny suits…just sayin!My point is, u wanna go PG fine. But that doesn’t mean wrestling has 2 be lame and cookie cutter! Make it fun again! PG from a business standpoint is actually smart. Vince is not stupid! I’m just sayin that they go a lil overboard with it at times. Sure they might b losing fans, but by being PG the big corporations are less afraid of sponsoring them, and they bring in the big $!Plus, the kids are more likely to buy the toys and merch…and we all know, if mommy approves, its all good! (Source: Carlito’s Twitter by way of PWInsider)

To be honest, one-pieces or two-pieces, it doesn’t really bother me. I thought all the girls looked great in their bikinis.

What does bother me is WWE constantly fluctuating on the border of PG and non-PG. They think they can continue to do things like bikini matches, Baywatch-themed matches etc. yet as long as the Divas are in one pieces or they’re not gyrating in their bikinis, it’s fine and PG. That, to me, is really redundant logic. Most of the Divas’ ring attire shows off their stomaches anyway. You’re either PG or you aren’t. WWE seems to pick and choose when it suits them.

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