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Fresh faces continue to appear on NXT 2.0; Full line up for Sept. 29 episode

NXT 2.0 continues strong in its second week from a rebrand as the fresh talent continues to get air time. The show starts with the idea that all newcomers are here to make a name for themselves and we can’t deny that NXT is doing just that.

Does Toxic Attraction have your attention?

At the start, we saw a backstage double brawl that had to be pulled apart by officials. As the men were brawling in the ring, the focus went backstage as the former NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray and Amari Miller were brought to blows side by side with Elektra Lopez and B-FAB who were throwing punches. This led to our first match of the night, KLR facing Miller.

After KLR made her way to the ring, Miller came to a fun entrance. Miller has been seen recently on 205 Live as that brand has been showcasing the winning. She had her first win in WWE on the Aug. 23 episode against Cora Jade. The match tonight against KLR was short as the former champion took out Miller with a Gory Bomb to get the three count.

The second match witnessed Elektra Lopez facing Anna Scheer (Tesha Price). This was match was to show the strength of Lopez to send a message to B-FAB. In a quick match, Lopez picked up the win. Scheer is known mostly as Tesha Price who has worked many matches for AEW and on the indie scene. She has had a previous appearance for NXT in 2018 in a losing effort against Lacey Evans.

After the match, Santos Escobar hypes up Lopez and says she completes Legado del Fantasma. Lopez then speaks on the mic and says what she did tonight is just a taste of what she will unleash on B-FAB and NXT 2.0. She calls herself the first lady of Legado del Fantasma. After saying that B-FAB is nothing but talk and calls her out. Hit Row’s music then hits. The men of Hit Row come out but B-FAB sneaks attack Lopez from behind.

The two ladies go at it until eventually, the two stables pull them apart as the crowd chants “let them fight.” The two meet next week in a No Disqualification match.

Cora Jade is then seen in the locker room giving some positive words to her boyfriend Trey Baxter who lost earlier in the night.

A video package of all the good feelings from the InDex last week was shown. The newlyweds will share their honeymoon with us next week.

Franky Monet is seen backstage along with Jessi Kamea and Robert Stone. They run right into NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez. Gonzalez lets Monet know that she got them their NXT Women’s Championship match to take place next week. This match was supposed to take place last week on the first episode of NXT 2.0 but it was nixed. Monet tells her to enjoy her last week as champion.

As Gonzalez walks away, Lash Legend (Anriel Howard) comes out of an office and says she just heard the news that Monet has her championship match next week. Legend says that her debut next week will be even better than the championship match as she will be hosting her talk show ‘Lashing Out with Lash Legend.’

Next up – Toxic Attraction.

The trio led by Mandy Rose addresses the NXT Universe.

Rose starts the talk by saying how she was ridiculed by the fans after Sarray kicked her face in a few weeks ago. She says that Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne showed her that behind her beauty there is a beast that is ready to be unleashed. This is the future of what the women’s division in NXT 2.0 looks like. She adds that they are ready to take over the greatest women’s division of all time.

Dolin says the pain of her past has always fueled her aggression. She knew that Jayne and she still needed direction -“chaos without a purpose is just an accident waiting to happen.” Mandy’s experience has brought her and Jayne that purpose and they intend on going straight to the top of NXT.

Jayne last adds that Toxic Attraction isn’t just some pretty faces in the crowd and wasn’t going to wait in the back. She says what they want is the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. They call out the champs Zoey Stark and Io Shirai for a title match and say that the champs don’t want to keep them waiting.

Shirai & Stark were seen backstage. They both admitted they don’t like Toxic Attraction so agree to the match after Stark made note that Shirai didn’t talk it over with her first. Persia Pirotta then showed up and let the tag champs know she is going to keep her eye on them because once Indi Hartwell comes back from her honeymoon she just knows that she will want the tag team gold back.

Other women who appeared on the show include Ivy Nile, Jessica Woynilko and Yulisa León (Jennifer Cantu Iglesias).

Nile debuted last week as she is now the first woman to join Diamond Mine. This week she assisted the stable in taking down Kushida who lost his NXT Cruiserweight Championship to Roderick Strong. She hit Kushida with a massive punch.

Woynilko and León were shown in a segment alongside Xyon Quinn who was talking to the ladies heading into the arena.

Full Line-up for next week’s Sept. 29 NXT 2.0

NXT Women’s Championship Match –

Raquel Gonzalez (c) vs. Franky Monet

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match –

Zoey Stark & Io Shirai (c) vs. Toxic Attraction

No Disqualification Match –

B-FAB vs. Elektra Lopez

Lashing Out with Lash Legend

InDex Honeymoon

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