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Get To Know: Amarah

Looks like it’s that time again! Wanting to get a look at fresh faces in women’s wrestling, it’s time we… ‘Get To Know’ them.

Today we got the chance to step into the mind one of the more out there persona’s in the Women’s Wrestling scene of the United Kingdom. In one of our more in-depth looks at some of the independent scene’s bizaare characters, here is out exclusive chat with ‘The Voodoo Queen’, Amarah.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us. Would you mind tell us a little about who ‘The Voodoo Queen’ is for those who don’t know of you?

The Voodoo Queen Amarah is a Wrestling entity. She is a voodoo priestess that hails from the Dark, Disturbed depth of Nigeria. She is wrestling throughout the UK and Europe hoping to one day dominate the business globally.

How did you first become attracted to the world of professional wrestling?

Amarah first became attracted to the wrestling world whilst preforming one of her rituals. During her time in Nigeria around 1999, wrestling began to gain popularity and that was when her interest peaked. She travelled to the United Kingdom and began to study wrestling until the time was right to present Voodoo to wrestling. 

So how did you manage to get your first steps into the industry? Who’d you train with and what challenges did you face and overcome?

My first steps came With the WAW Academy in 2008. I was taken in and trained by Sweet Saraya Knight and Ricky Knight. Their academy gave me my wrestling foundation and contributed to performer I am now. I found my health and fitness a challenge during training. It was difficult to understand that ring fitness was a huge part of the job as a professional wrestler. During training I was slightly over weight and didn’t condition my body for the profession. With time learned to train both inside and outside of the ring. That was something I needed to overcome in order to take my career to the next level.

Now one of the reasons we are conducting this interview is because you immediately stood out for your look alone, let alone your character. How would you describe your persona & in-ring style to those who have never seen your work? Any influences you used with it?

My in-ring style is that of a brawler and Striker. I move in animalistic motions to help disorientate and mesmerise both the audience and my opponent. I often communicate with the spirits and conduct mini rituals in ring prior to my matches. The Voodoo queen Amarah’s Influences come from African and Haitian themes of Good and Evil. Darkness and Light in Nigerian culture. Yoruba religious beliefs. There is a heavy voodoo following present in Nigeria, black magic is not a subject that is openly discussed in society so I have taken that and presented to the wrestling world.

Wrestlers such as Papa Shango, Great Muta, Umaga and more recently, The Boogeyman, have influenced the character and has contributed the character and a lot of gear ideas. 

What inspirations have driven you the most? Favourite Wresters? Men or Women? Anyone else inside/outside of wrestling?

Strong successful for Black women outside of the Business have defiantly influenced me and my career. Strong figures such as Oprah, Rihanna, Beyonce, Eryka Badu and Sarina Williams. These woman have been leaders in their industry and have touched many peoples lives from there work. I have always admired their talents and it has motivated me to push through hard times in order to reach success. Some of my favourite wrestlers are Great Muta, Triple H, Chyna, Akira Hokuto and Aja Kong.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishments since you have begun in the business? Favourite Match/Moment?

My accomplishments so far would have to be getting to opportunity to work on TV. It presented my work to a wider audience. I have also been bless with the opportunity to work abroad in Germany and Denmark. I hope in the future to wrestle for more countries and more companies. At present I don’t have a favourite match, so far they’ve all been amazing experiences.

What are your future goals you hope to reach in your future? Mainstream companies? Wrestling in other promotions or countries?

In the future, I would like to reach global recognition. I really want to travel all over bringing Amarah to different audiences all over. I’d love for the opportunity to work for NGW in the UK, Progress in the UK, POW in Germany, WXW in Germany, ROH in the US, and of course it would be an absolute dream and honour to work for the WWE.

Any up-coming shows you’d like to promote for people to see you at?

I will be working for number of companies in October as its Halloween season. Please keep a look out for Amarah On RISE Wrestling in Leeds as well as Wrestleforce in Essex, EWW in Hastings (All in the UK) and IPW In Germany.

It’s been truly interesting getting the chance to know you a little better. How can the Diva-Dirt readers follow up on your future activities? Any Social Media you wish to plug?

Thanks Diva-Dirt for having me. I really appreciate the opportunity to Interview with you. The voodoo queen Amarah has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so follow me on these platforms for adverts for my shows, merchandise as well matches and Competitions.

Facebook: Amarahuk

Twitter: @AmarahDaVoodoo

Instagram: @classickem

A huge thanks again to Amarah for gracing us with her unique persona. We hope she finds all the success she sets out for in the wrestling business.

But what do you guys think? Have we introduced you to your new favourite wrestler? Has she entranced you like she has done with us? Reckon she will become one of the UK’s top rising women’s stars? Do you have any suggestions for who we can ‘Get To Know’ next? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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