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Heated Exchange of Words Between Bella Twins and Beth Phoenix (Video)

The Divas’ Twitter drama has been upgraded to

Brie and Nikki Bella filmed a backstage segment with Beth Phoenix last night at Raw for In the clip, the Bellas and Beth — all heels — have a heated exchange of words.

Brie & Nikki say that Beth is ‘toast’ this Sunday at Night of Champions and that brains and beauty (the twins) is better than brawn (Beth). Beth tells them if they have brains, they’d stay out of her way.

You can watch the clip here.

Thoughts: It’s such a shame that segments like this get relegated to when this was far more interesting than anything the Divas did last night on Raw. WWE is willing to let the Divas argue on Twitter and to push feuds, but just won’t do it on TV? Lame.

I noted that they’re all heels above because it’s interesting to see WWE break their usual ‘all babyfaces are friends and all heels are friends’ motto when it comes to the Divas. It seems like they have acknowledged and continued the divide that has been created in the Divas division since ‘that’ article. To me that makes this more interesting because the Bellas could be x-factors in this feud between Divas of Doom and Kelly & Eve. There are three camps — Divas of Doom, Bella Twins and Eve/Kelly. I think it’d be fun to see them all feud.

Also, I can’t help but find the Bellas (particularly Nikki) so entertaining in promos. They really convey the bitchiness of their characters. Of course, things being PG, some of the lines they’re scripted are duds but I like the way they deliver them.

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