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How Serena Got Her Spot on SmackDown

Since debuting some weeks ago, Serena has been an incredibly strong edition to the main roster as part of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society, but why her?

This is perhaps of little shock to us, but it’s been reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the new Diva got her spot as she was the only developmental girl willing to have her head shaved. They write:

Serena Deeb got her break largely because she was the only woman in developmental who was willing to get her head shaved for the angle. She’s been able to pull off the crewcut look, which is a plus, and as a performer, she’s done great. Other women turning it down did them no favors with the assertion that they weren’t dedicated because they weren’t willing to get their heads shaved. There is always the feeling with women who didn’t come through the indies that they are in it to get noticed and move on, as opposed to being there because their lifelong goal is to get into wrestling.

I say this is of little shock because as we discussed on The Krissy Vaine Project a couple of weeks ago, coming through the indies as she did — it’s obvious that Serena has always wanted to be part of the industry and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it. Meanwhile, as Krissy rightfully pointed out, most of the girls who come in through modeling agencies or through the Diva Search who are ‘handed’ spots in developmental or the main roster, don’t really have that same drive or motivation and are likely to say no.

More power to Serena. There’s no doubt that she pulls off the look incredibly well and has moulded her character very well. And her dedication is being rewarded by being part of such high profile segments.

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