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Ice Ribbon “19 O’Clock Girls Pro Wrestling” #144 Results

iceribbonHello and welcome to another dose of Joshi courtesy of the girls over at Ice Ribbon! Yesterday was the 144th episode of their weekly online show “19 O’Clock Pro Wrestling” took place at the Ice Ribbon dojo, and here’s what happened:

First up is the impressive newcomer Risa Sera up against another rookie, Hiroko Terada, in a 3-minute exhibition match.

Risa Sera vs Hiroko Terada:
Terada starts offensively, but Sera fights back. The two exchange forearms for a bit, then Sera misses a dropkick and Terada capitalises for a two count. Sera gets back into it, with a snapmare into a bodyscissors, then rolls over into a camel clutch. Sera then picks Terada up for a fireman’s carry but Terada escapes and rolls her up for one. Terada hits a spinebuster for a two-count, and the pair go back to the forearms, before Terada hits an STO into an anaconda vise as the bell rings for time.

Result: Time limit draw

6-woman tag team action next, as Tsukushi, Risa Sera and IW19 Champion Hamuko Hoshi take on Hikaru Shida, Tsukasa Fujimoto and one half of the new International Ribbon and REINA tag team champions Sayaka Obihiro, who is leaving the company this month.

Tsukushi, Risa Sera and Hamuko Hoshi vs Hikaru Shida, Tsukasa Fujimoto and Sayaka Obihiro:
The match starts chaotically, with all six women in the ring. Tsukushi, Hoshi and Sera take their opponents down, then take turns to stomp on their backs and pose a little. Eventually order is restored, and Obihiro and Sera are the legal women. Obihiro drives Sera’s head into the turnbuckle, then tags in Fujimoto. Sera backdrops Fujimoto and tags in Tsukushi, who pulls Fujimoto’s hair then drags her to the ground. Tsukushi now with a headlock, followed by some nice restholds and counters from both. Fujimoto hits a springboard armdrag for a two-count, and we have a stare-off. Excellent stuff. Tsukushi Irish whips Fujimoto into the turnbuckle, dropkicks her and tags in Hoshi. The three take turns in toying with Fujimoto, then Hoshi goes for the pin but only gets two. Fujimoto retaliates with a wristlock into a springboard hurricanrana, then Obihiro and Shida clear out the ring, and Fujimoto hits a big crossbody from the outside to Tsukushi. Shida then gets a kendo stick, does a run-up and hits Hoshi square in the head! Shida and Fujimoto hold Hoshi down, Obihiro does a run-up in the ring…and botches her suicide dive miserably. She’ll want to forget that as quickly as possible. Even the commentators are laughing! Undeterred, she goes for it again, and gets it right this time. Now her team are toying with Hoshi, and the match returns to the ring. Fujimoto dropkicks Hoshi and tags in Obihiro, who goes up top and hits a clothesline, then some hard chops, but Hoshi shoulder blocks her to knock her down. The pair trade blows in the middle of the ring, then Hoshi Irish whips Obihiro into the turnbuckle, Obihiro goes up top, jumps over Hoshi and sunset flips her for a two-count, before tagging in Shida, who goes for a suplex but Hoshi resists. Shida hits Hoshi with everything she has but Hoshi no-sells and clotheslines Shida. Shida scrapes Hoshi’s eyes, and her team do a triple dropkick to Hoshi, then clear her partners from the apron too. Shida slams all of the other wrestlers, including her own partners, on top of Hoshi, but only gets two. Hoshi reverses Shida’s headlock with a clothesline, and tags in Sera, who hits Shida with some hard right hands. Shida responds with a headbutt, but Sera keeps going. She goes for a fireman’s carry but Shida has none of it and hits a hard knee to Sera’s face before tagging in Fujimoto, who hits Sera with an Ace Crusher for two. Sera gets back up and hits a bodyslam, but Fujimoto comes back and locks in a Boston Crab, before Tsukushi breaks the hold. Sera tags Tsukushi in who unleashes a flurry of right hands, and she and Fujimoto brawl in the middle of the ring. Obihiro enters and she and Fujimoto both do Obihiro Magic on Tsukushi at the same time, but only for a two-count. Fujimoto bodyslams Tsukushi, then with Obihiro’s assistance both she and Shida hit Senton bombs, but still Tsukushi kicks out! Chaos ensues yet again, and Sera hits a fireman’s carry slam on Obihiro, Hoshi frogsplashes her, then Tsukushi hits a reverse Frankensteiner for a two count. Tsukushi hits a dropkick but Obihiro kicks out again, so she applies a modified Camel Clutch, but Shida breaks the hold. Shida and Fujimoto flapjack Tsukushi, then Obihiro hits a suplex for two. Obihiro goes for Obihiro Magic again, but Tsukushi reverses and slaps her right in the face, then rolls her up for a two-count. They both trade pinning combinations, with Obihiro finally getting the three-count. Great, great match.

Winners: Sayaka Obihiro, Tsukasa Fujimoto and Hikaru Shida.

Next week Sayaka Obihiro will face Hamuko Hoshi for the IW19 Championship. Don’t miss it! As always, if you want to watch 19Pro, it airs here on Fridays at 10AM GMT, with the replay available immediately afterwards. Join us next week!

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