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Impact Write-Up (December 15th, 2016): Delete! Delete! Delete!

Ah Knockout fans, I knew you’d come! After all, why wouldn’t you come to this wonderful Total Nonstop Deletion edition of Impact Write-Up when TNA have done everything they could to promote this episode. Look no further then when it was announced that Sienna would be make an appearance at the Hardy compound. So what kind of business does the former Knockouts Champion have in North Carolina? Let’s find out!

We find Sienna inside a six sided ring surrounded by a small audience of dedicated Hardy fans. She has a mic in hand and says she has been searching for the Knockouts Champion Rosemary. While Sienna claims the Rosemary’s absence is a result of fear, Jermey Borash (from a commentary table somewhere in this broken universe) reveals that Rosemary has actually been banned from the Hardy premises after her attmept of kidnapping King Maxel.

With no Rosemary present, Sienna decides to declare herself the new number one contender for the Knockouts title. Hmm, so she can do this with no authoritative approval? In any event, Sienna claims to be a classy lady and is wiling to put her new number one contendership against anyone – inside or outside of TNA!

Out comes… the incomparable Vanguard 1? Or maybe not, as the acting referee rules that a drone can fight a woman and throws Vanguard to the back. The feisty flying drone follows the official’s order but calls it BS.

A new challenger emerges from a BBQ sauce truck parked outside and out comes former Knockouts Champion ODB! The match starts with ODB dodging an incoming attack from Sienna and cornering her to a turnbuckle with some right forearms.

Sienna responds with an attack from behind and mounts ODB onto her shoulders for a running Samoan Drop. She goes for the pin cover and earns a two count.

ODB takes Sienna to a corner again to connect a Bronco Buster and follows up with an elevated Thesz Press. The combination earns ODB a two count over Sienna.

Sienna takes back control of the match and whips ODB to a corner, where the referee nearly gets hit had ODB not slowed down her pace. The referee goes down anyway after ODB dodges a charging attack from Sienna. With the referee down, Sienna big boots ODB and quickly finds a chair from outside the six sided ring.

Sienna takes aim of ODB and swings the chair but ODB ducks out the way! She punches the chair back at Sienna and goes for the cover but the referee is still down for this contest. This prompts the return of Vanguard 1, in referee mode, who makes the near three count had the acting referee not recovered to take back his job.

In the midst of all the confusion, Sienna picks up the chair and attacks ODB from behind with it. She follows up with The Silencer finisher, that puts ODB away and allows Sienna to remain number one contender to the Knockouts title.

Post match, ODB gives Vanguard 1 her thanks for trying to help her out by allowing the drone to feel up ODB’s chest. Well then….

Reby Hardy also makes an appearance on Total Nonstop Deletion to celebrate the Broken Hardys’ monstrous victory in Tag Team Apocalypto! and drop that she is expecting! Congrats to Reby/Matt and all of the mothers to be in the new year! Mommagedon is among us readers!

Thoughts: I said in this in a previous TNA forum and I’ll say it again here: If you’re a fan of the Broken Hardy stuff, this episode was for you, if you’re not a fan of the Broken Hardy stuff, it isn’t. As always, I’m of the latter.

This Knockouts match was a complete throw-away and felt like it was more so thrown in the show as a way to sort of fill time. The match was pretty short, the ref bump was flat, the Vanguard interaction got a chuckle from but that’s about it. ODB was a nice surprise but knowing this was a guest star kind of ordeal, it wasn’t like I expected her (or anyone else that might have been booked) to beat Sienna for a number one contendership.

Of course, according to previously mentioned spoilers, we were suppose to have a Knockouts title defense with Rosemary but I guess there were some schedule conflicts in between the times TND was being taped?

I think Rosemary’s gimmick works so well in the Broken Universe, as we’ve seen before, so it is disappointing to hear she wouldn’t make an appearance – though I give props to TNA for finding an explanation that works! Even Rosemary being part of Tag Team Apocalypto! would’ve been a treat to watch!

Seeing as this is most likely the final material coming from the Knockouts, what with word that next week’s Impact will be a Hardy Holiday episode and maybe a countdown of “TNA moments” for the week after, it is pretty disheartening to see the Knockouts end in a low point.

Looking back at the year, 2016 has been a more storyline/character year for the Knockouts with the wrestling taking a seat in the back burner. TNA have the talent to put on great Knockouts matches, as we’ve seen in the cage match between Jade and Rosemary two weeks ago, but they have be committed in investing to long term feuds rather than quick no-build matches and random title reigns.

Making my New Year’s wish early this year and going to wish that Knockouts are able to really pick themselves up and the division in 2017.

What did you think of Total Nonstop Deletion? Surprised by ODB’s appearance? Looking forward to a future Knockouts title match between Rosemary and Sienna? Let us know in the comments below!

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