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Impact Write-Up (April 3rd, 2014): Where is the Love?

Hey Knockouts Fans! It’s the industry’s biggest weekend of the year and the Knockouts sure did not disappoint on this week’s episode of Impact. After Angelina Love & Velvet Sky turned their back on former BFF, Madison Rayne, Madison had revenge on her mind. So let’s get right to the action!

Our first bit of Knockout goodness is a backstage segment with The Beautiful People. They are sporting some… uh… colorful… new attires and talk about how Madison got played. Check out the video below:

Time for another backstage segment! This time Brittany walks into a locker room and runs into Madison Rayne… Brittany offers to be Madison’s tag partner in the match later on! (Notice the matching attires!)

And now, what everyone has been waiting for! Madison and Brittany team up for the first time ever to take on the reunited Beautiful People! This should be fantastic… right? Watch below:

Well… that happened. I do have to say that while I don’t normally do this, I tried to find a image that would describe my thoughts on Angelina and Velvet’s new attire. I came up with this:


Okay, let me try to take this seriously… I’m trying, I promise. It’s just that there’s oddly colored boots everywhere and I feel like I just stepped into the pre-teen clothing store “Justice”.

The match went by so fast that I really had a hard time trying to keep up. I understand the need to put The Beautiful People over but you JUST debuted Brittany a couple weeks ago and I felt like they dominated her the entire match and it really kind of made her look weak. I mean sure Madison got the hot tag and some nice moves in but it seemed like ever so quickly the tide had turned back towards Angelina and Velvet, and they take out Brittany with a move they call “The Makeover” for the win.

I’m just not quite sure where all of this is going long term? You have Brittany pin Gail Kim a few weeks ago, and how have her dominated by The Beautiful People? Where is the sense in that? I’m not necessarily saying that Brittany and Madison should have won, but I just felt that Brittany was made to look like the weak link in the match. Now normally you would expect that if you had a rookie in a match with three veterans, but Brittany defeated GAIL FREAKING KIM in her debut! However, in this match the only thing I really saw her hit was a dropkick and a leg sweep. I get the whole “Brittany shouldn’t have tagged herself back in” thing but my gosh, it’s been done to death so many times that I’ve lost count. I am a HUGE fan of Brittany. The girl has all the talent in the world and deserves to be pushed to the moon, so when it seems like she’s starting to already be lost in the shuffle, it bothers me. This has been one of TNA’s biggest problems for a long time, in my opinion. Consistent booking. A girl is made to look really strong one week, really weak the next. Hell, sometimes a girl will get a major push and then just disappear off TV for six months! Speaking of that, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Brooke please tweet me. Oh wait! I know the whereabouts of Brooke, but apparently TNA creative doesn’t.

Speaking of TNA creative, I can’t help but mention that before Impact went on the air TNA knocked they would be posting a Q & A with their Head of Creative & Talent Relations ( I was legitimately shocked to find out that it is NOT Vince Russo). A question was sent in about the future direction of the Knockouts Division and I was really disappointed about how vague his answer was. I understand something along the lines of ” We’ve got a great group of girls” is a politically correct, smart business response but my question is what are you DOING with this great group of girls? Where is this Beautiful People angle going? What’s the pay-off? That’s my question.

Woah woah woah, Stop the presses! I was just about to wrap up this write-up and the most glorious promo I’ve ever seen in my entire life just aired! Ladies and Gentlemen, next week… a queen… a true icon of our industry, a legend of the squared circle returns! Next week will indeed be… THE WRATH… OF DIXIE! Dixie Carter returns next week! Check out the promo that aired at the very end of Impact below:

I can’t help but notice that Gail Kim was seen in that #WrathOfDixie promo, could this mean something for next week? Am I totally grasping at straws with that? YES! Which means it is time to say Choo choo’, darlins! Enjoy the biggest industry weekend of the year and I’ll see you back here next week!

How do you feel about The Beautiful People’s return thus far?

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