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Impact Write-Up (December 19th, 2013): Madison “Rayne”s Supreme

So last weeks the ever-wonderful Cryssi filled in for me, and I missed out on recapping the return of the one and only Madison Rayne! Seriously, who looks that good post-baby in like, what, three months? She looks incredible, and last night we saw her return to the ring. She teamed with ODB, whose aid she came to last week, and the pair took on the current Knockouts Champ, Gail Kim, and her lady in waiting, Lei’D Tapa.

Dixie Carter made an appearance during the Feast or Fired segment of Impact, and it appears her issues with Sting are far from over.

Before the match, we were shown a hype package featuring Madison and Gail, detailing their past friendship and the inevitable tensions that broke them apart.

And now, onto the match.

Out first is the team of Gail and Tapa. They’re quickly followed by ODB and Madison. In a message to her fans on Impact365, Madison told of how the new Madison won’t even compare to the one from the last four years. It seems the winds of change are blowing, and I for one can’t wait for Madison to knock Gail off her pedestal.

Kicking things off in the ring are Madison and Tapa, and I’m sure Madison is feeling the pressure now. Not only is it her first go around since coming back, but she’s taking on Lei’D Tapa, who’s arguably one of the toughest women the company has seen yet. Madison takes the fight to Tapa, but can’t get the upper hand. Gail laughs in her exBFF’s face. Rude. Madison gets herself over to her corner, and ODB begs for the tag.

This is something a lot of Knockouts fans have wanted to see for a while, and something a lot of others don’t want to see at all. The ladies lock up and it’s gridlock for a moment, but Tapa dominates ODB and drives her into the corner. ODB turns things around and get the offense rolling with some chops and right hands. She goes for an Irish whip, but she can’t shift Tapa. At all. Tapa in control with a slam, and in comes Gail.

Madison tries to rally the crowd behind ODB, while Gail pounds on her in the corner. Gail doesn’t let up. She hits the running elbow and sends ODB to the mat by her hair, then laps up the boos and hate from the crowd. Her new attire is awesome. Gail attempts a second elbow, but ODB comes charging out of the corner and takes out the champ with a big clothesline. ODB’s on the offensive now, and she tries to knock Tapa off the apron. Tapa hangs on, and then grabs a handful of ODB’s hair. She’s distracted long enough for Gail to land a missile drop kick on her opponent.

Tapa tags back in as the crowd gets behind ODB. She gets womanhandled by Tapa, and can’t catch a break. A big boot to the face and ODB is just dropped again. Gail comes back in and just won’t let up. ODB manages a brief comeback, splattering Gail Kim. Both women are down, and I sense a hot tag coming.

Madison gets the tag and goes right after Gail with clotheslines. She’s throwing the champ around the ring. She follows up with a huge spear, executed beautifully, and slams Gail’s head repeatedly into the mat. Tapa’s had enough and gets in the ring, but ODB isn’t done with her yet. She jumps on her back and applies a sleeper, but Tapa just dumps her right out of the ring. Tapa excuses herself and Gail goes after Madison again. Gail’s in control once again, trash talking and choking her former friend. She sets up the Eat Defeat…

…but Madison counters with a backslide and gets the three count!

Madison has beaten the champion, and she’s the first one to do so since the open challenge. Do I smell a title shot? Madison is ecstatic, and Gail’s just a little bit livid.

I’m excited that Madison Rayne is back. Seriously. I think her and Gail this time around will be interesting; she’ll be the underdog trying to topple a government. Or, in a less dramatic fashion, the goodie trying to beat the baddie. I just hope she wins the title sooner rather than later. How are you lot feeling about Madison’s return? How do you see it playing out? Sound off below!

In closing, I just want to wish all of the Diva Dirt readers a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holidays, wherever you’ll be and whatever you’ll be doing. From the Diva Dirt Family to yours.

Until next time, guys!

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