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Impact Write-Up (January 30th, 2015): Taryn Bests the Veterans

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s edition of Impact Write-Up. It’s been another cold and wintery week in New York but the action from the remaining TNA New York City shows from the Manhattan Center continues to be hot!

On this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, we are treated to a triple threat Knockouts Title match between the champion Taryn Terell and both Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. That’s odd, was there a number one contender’s match or a promo explaining how Madison and Gail got this opportunity at Taryn’s title that I may have missed? At this point, I’m going to let go of the “Havok Deserves a Title Rematch” campaign and instead just allow the flow of Taryn’s triumph reign to continue.

Making her way to the ring first is the Queen Bee Madison Rayne, who has changed up her entrance since returning to her Queen Bee persona, doing a bit less praying and a whole lot more waving and posing. Contestant number two and fan favorite Gail Kim is out next, in her always lovely laced attire. Last but not least is the current reigning Knockouts champion Taryn Terell, who proudly makes her way to the ring with the Knockouts gold firmly strapped around her waist.

We get a quick mention of Taryn’s small but hilarious role as a cheerleader who gets whacked with a basketball at the hands of Will Ferrell. She may not be battling basketball shots to the face in this match but Taryn still has her hands full, ready to take on the challenge of defending her title against two former Knockout champions.

At the start of the official bell ringing, both Gail and Taryn begin their double team offense on Madison, taking turns to land a series of forearms and following up with blows at a turnbuckle. Madison escapes out the ring to catch her breath leaving Gail and Taryn to scuffle in the ring, each exchanging pin attempts to try and pick up the win.

When both women are unsuccessful in getting a three count, Taryn changes up her strategy, delivering a combination of snapmares and a dropkick, landing Gail to a corner. The champion then goes takes a opportunity for a running attack to Gail but falls short when Gail dodges and lands a sprint body attack of her own. Getting back involved in the match, Madison pulls Gail from the ring apron, landing her to the hard floor and then turns her attention to Taryn. She keeps Taryn in place with a headlock and several knee shots to the head, all while making sure Gail stays out of the ring; an ideal strategy for any triple threat.

Going for her first pin attempt in this match, Madsion hits a northen light suplex to Taryn but only gets a two count. Gail slowly manages to make her way back to the ring but Madison spots this and grabs a hold of Gail with one hand while juggling Taryn with the other. With both of her opponents at her grasp, Madison impressively takes out both Gail and Taryn with a DDT and back neck breaker respectively, prompting the NYC crowd to bring back their “Better than the Divas” chants.

Madison goes for a cover to Gail but only gets a two count. She then tries her luck on Taryn but again falls short on getting a three count. Back on her feet, Gail ducks Madison’s high kick and is able to lock a leg submission on to Madison. Realizing Gail could pick up a win by having Madison submit, Taryn breaks Gail’s submission with one of her own but it doesn’t take long for Gail to maneuver her way out of it. She thrusts Taryn to the turnbuckle and soon the two begin to climb the turnbuckle, battling each other out to see who can claim the corner. Before any winner can be determined, Madison takes matter in her own hands by shoving both Gail and Taryn to the outside of the ring.

The outside environment proves to be in favor for the Queen Bee, who once again gets the best of both of her opponents by directing each of them face first to the unforgiving steel steps! Proud of her actions, Madison waltz back to the ring, waving to the crowd as they chant her name! Madison tries to keep the energy going by flying to the outside to connect with Taryn but only hits the barricade instead. Suddenly the crowd chants the very out dated “We want puppies!” as the all three Knockouts make their way back to the ring.

Taryn goes for a Cutter (we really need to find a better name for this finisher) on to Madison but Madison reverses and delivers the Rayne Check finisher on to the champ. Gail is able to keep the match going by breaking the three count just in time with a pin counter pin of her own, to which Madison kicks out by a millisecond! Gail sets for an Eat Defeat to Madison but is shoved away instead. Being the innovator she is, Gail springs from the ropes to a cross body but isn’t able to connect with Madison, who gets out the way just in time. When she turns back around, Taryn awaits her with a Cutter and three count pin for the win, awarding Taryn with another worthy and successful title defense.

Thoughts: In spite of the inconstancy contenders I may have initially had in this title match, I must say it was a great and physical match for what it was; especially coming in the form of Madison Rayne. When it isn’t a battle royal scramble, TNA tend to do very well in making participants of multi women matches each have their own moment to shine, as was the case in this match.

While everyone may have their own view on the “Better than the Divas” chants, one chant that I think we can all agree on that needs to be left behind is the “We Want Puppies!” chants. It’s just a lack of respect to any woman that steps into the ring and is working hard to put on a great match.

Though she made an appearance this week but not much beyond that, I was surprised to see Angelina Love still be at the side of the BroMans despite Robbie E being the reason as to why best friend and Beautiful People member Velvet Sky was fired last week. It just feels like an issue that should have been addressed as opposed to it being a big plot hole.

As already announced, next week’s episode of Impact will be the special “Free PPV” Lockdown show and on the card we have a Knockouts matching featuring Havok going one on one against the returning Awesome Kong. While it’s disappointing to see Lockdown no longer being considered a real PPV anymore and a Knockouts championship match off the card, it still be a show to watch as the final stop before the start of the annual TNA UK Tour.

Hasta luego Knockouts fans!

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