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Impact Write-Up (July 10th, 2014): The Champ Takes on All Comers

Welcome, Knockout fans! This week saw Gail Kim‘s first defence since winning her fourth Knockouts championship last week and boy, was it a doozey! She competed in a Fatal Four Way for the title, defending against former champ Angelina Love, the recently scorned Brittany and the object of Brittany’s wrath, Madison Rayne. No Dixie Carter this week (as far as I’m aware) and so there’s not much to get through in this write up. But we do have two rivalries combusting in one ring, so I’m sure we’ll all enjoy ourselves.

Out first, accompanied by Velvet Sky, is Angelina. She’s very unhappy about losing her title to Gail and is hoping to beat her own record by reclaiming the gold tonight. Madison is out second but before she can hit the ring, Brittany jumps her from behind and knocks her down. The Beautiful People join in on the assault and the bell rings, even though the champion hasn’t arrived yet… nice one, ref.

No matter though, as here comes Gail to kick some ass and take some names. She sends Velvet – who surely should have been ejected for attacking Madison anyway – and Angelina head first into each other, before going after Brittany.

Madison and Gail take control as they four ladies head back into the ring. There’s a nice little bit of team work from Gail and Madison, who use each other as leverage to hit both Brittany and Angelina in the corner. As Angelina rolls out to the floor, Gail and Madison turn their attentions back to Brittany. She’s knocked between them repeatedly before she too escapes to the outside, and it comes down to Gail and Brittany.

Madison goes for an early roll up but Gail kicks out at two, coming back with shots to the face. She tries to hit a hurricanrana but Madison catches her and nails a lovely bridging suplex for another two count. She’s not messing around tonight! Madison goes for a cross body but Gail counters this time and turns it into a face plant. Angelina then trips the Knockouts champ and throws her down on the outside with a sick thud. Ouch.

Brittany is back in the ring with Madison, and she has the upper hand. Brittany hits a DDT but before she can pin, Angelina jumps into the ring and convinces her that they should work together. Brittany agrees. I’m not sure how long this will last, but I’m sure they’ll cause plenty of trouble whichever way.

They give Madison a little taste of her own medicine with their own team work, hitting her in the corner and then with a double shoulder block to knock her down. Angelina hits a sideslam but there’s an awful lot of showmanship going on with both her and Brittany. They seem to be more keen on inflicting pain than actually winning the match, which I guess is a given when you’re a heel. Brittany hits a side Russian leg sweep on Madison to keep her down, and Angelina then points her in the direction of Gail Kim, who’s still on the outside nursing her face.

As soon as Brittany turns her back, Angelina goes for a pin and gets a two count. She tries again, but Brittany breaks it up. Brittany and Angelina go at it, their alliance dead in the water. Gail, meanwhile, is scaling the top rope and takes them both out with a missle drop kick. Great stuff from the champ!

It’s Gail and Brittany one on one now with Gail gaining the upper hand quickly. She hits a crossbody for a two count but Angelina breaks up the pin. Madison takes the former champion down while Brittany goes to work on Gail, hitting a great handspring moonsault off the ropes. Madison’s quick to break up any pin attempt though. She takes Brittany OUT, but turns right around into a Botox Injection from Angelina. Gail’s up next, hitting her Eat Defeat on Angelina and picking up the win.

Gail Kim retains!

Backstage, Impact 365 caught up with the champion following her victory:

Thoughts: Definitely not as good a match as it could have been, but I suppose it did what it needed to in that it further pushed these two storylines. Brittany attacking Madison, but Madison being the one to hit her finisher in the match just drives an even bigger wedge between these two, and I’m sure they’ll have some great matches in the future. As for Gail and Angelina, I don’t see them being finished feuding until Taryn is back full time and competing for the title too. I think Taryn will be champ by the end of 2014, but don’t hold me to that!

Short and sweet this time! Until the next, ciao! x

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