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Impact Write-Up (March 20th, 2014): Tapa Says Goodbye and Mi Pi Sexy Clashes

Aloha Knockout fans! Last week we had a hell of a edition of Impact Wrestling featuring the debut of Brittany , the break-up of Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa, and the shocking return of Angelina Love! So how did TNA follow last week’s drastic re-shift of the Knockouts division? Let’s find out!

Hey, is that ODB during the middle of a zombie movie? No, It’s ODB trying to help her husband, Eric Young as he fights off Abyss! Can you believe they’ve been together for over two years? Bless ODB, she’s got a screaming voice that only a mother could love.

Up next, a mysterious camera man catches up with Angelina Love, who talks about wanting a decision from Velvet Sky, tonight!

Backstage with Gail Kim, Gail says she’s been the benchmark of the women’s wrestling ever since the division started (this is true). Gail says if Lei’D Tapa can’t beat her up next then not only is Gail done with her but Tapa’s also done with TNA…Wait, what!? Did I just hear that right!?!? Let’s get to the match.

What a fast paced encounter! I thought these two really worried well together and I got throwbacks to Kim’s battles with Kharma back in the day. Right from the ringing of the bell you knew that these two were going to beat the ever living hell out of each other and they did! I really enjoyed Tapa’s chokebomb on Gail and Gail delivered some really awesome looking kicks and forearms to Tapa that looked brutal on television. One thing that I love about Kim is that she throws some of the best looking kicks and strikes of any women’s wrestler I’ve ever seen. Another highlight would have to be Gail countering Tapa’s attempt at her TKO finisher. Gail ends up beating Tapa clean via Eat Defeat, and just like that… Lei’D Tapa is done with TNA.

I’d heard rumblings all day Thursday that this was going to happen but it honestly doesn’t shock me any less. I’m really not sure what the circumstances are behind her departure from the company nor it is my place to speculate. However, I will say that I’ve been a big fan of Tapa since she made her debut last year. I thought she had a incredibly unique look and talent in the ring. She also was further expanding those talents down in OVW. She has a tremendous drive and determination to succeed and I know she’s going to do great thing. While it great to see two more Knockouts added to the roster last week, It’s a damn shame that we had to lose one this week. Best of luck, Lei’D Tapa.

A question I want to pose to our loyal readers Where does Gail Kim go from here? With her feud with Madison Rayne completed and her break-up with her bodyguard unfortunately lasting literally only one week, does the ” Queen of the Knockouts” kind of take a backseat for a while? With The Beautiful People dominating programming, what becomes of Gail Kim? TNA has a history of sitting a girl off of TV for a long period of time and then bringing her back. I certainly hope that’s not the case with Gail, she definitely deserves better than that.

Up next, Angelina Love wants a answer from Velvet Sky.

Are Angelina Love and Velvet Sky the two strongest females on the microphone ever when they are faces? Absolutely not. BUT I will say that this segment served its purpose really well. I enjoy the fact that they are bringing up the problems that The Beautiful People had and not just doing a reunion the first week out and acting like everything was always roses. Angelina finally convinces Velvet to put the girl-band back together, but there’s one more missing piece of the puzzle and that would be the Knockouts Champion, Madison Rayne. I should point out that Madison may have the most annoying remix of a theme song in recent history. However, I enjoy her new entrance video. Madison talks about always being Angelina’s puppet and how she wasn’t interested in a reunion. At this point I was expecting some women to come down in a biker outfit and hit someone with her helmet, but no can do.

Was that not enough Beautiful People for you? Well it’s your lucky day, there’s not one but TWO more segments!

The first consists of Angelina taking to Velvet backstage about the previous in-ring encounter. Angelina says she’s not the same person that she used to be and Velvet encourages Angelina to go talk to Madison, one on one.

At this point I’m literally worn out from all the events that have taken place in ONE SHOW. This literally should have been a solid month worth of booking for TNA, but instead it was all given away on one single night. But like a good infomercial, there’s more! If a whopping THREE segments of a two hour show weren’t enough to dedicate to The Beautiful People, you guessed it there was a fourth!

Angelina visits Madison’s locker room and it doesn’t end….beautifully.

Aah, now that’s the Angelina that I used to love. (Pun completely intended). I suddenly got a flashback to 2008 where Angelina and Velvet were at their all time bitchiest! It took a long time to get there during this episode, but my god Angelina is a lot more entertaining as a heel. One has to wonder what Velvet Sky has to say about this? Will she be pissed at Angelina? Has this been the plan all alone? Where do Moose, Cute Kip, and Lacey Von Erich stand in all this? Will Don West return to tell us what he was cooking Velvet Sky for breakfast that morning? Folks, I have more questions than answers! Oh the Mi Pi Sexy humanity!

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s all for the Impact Write-Up this week, I need a nap after this show. I feel exhausted. But, I must say that I am highly enjoying we are getting so many Knockout segments per week again.

Until next week, Choo choo’, darlins.

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