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Impact Write-Up (November 5th, 2014): All is Fair in Love and War

Hola Knockouts fans and welcome to this week edition of Impact Write-Up! Gail Kim is back in action this week and she has her eyes on Havok as she looks to regain the Knockouts in their rematch for the gold! Elsewhere, we have an appearance from my favorite wrestling couple in recent times, Brittany and Samuel Shaw!

We start things off with a video package looking back at the mind of Samuel Shaw; the ups and downs he’s been through this year. From being placed into the nut house to finding a tag team partner in Gunner to uncovering a new woman in his life through Brittany. It’s a twisted love story if you ask me.

Once in the ring, TNA’s hottest couple begin to explain why they decided to turn on former friend Gunner. Though Gunner’s intentions to give Samuel a second chance appeared to be good, the vivacious vixen Brittany showed a different light to Samuel. She gets in his head that people like Gunner only saw him as charity case and that former flame Christy Hemme could never appreciate his artistic genius; claiming neither of them could do what she can for him. You missed out on a good thing Christy!

Brittany then takes hold of Samuel’s head and begins to lick the right side of his face starting from the chin working her way to his ear. She grasps the whiskers of Samuel’s mustache gazes into his eyes before licking the tip of his nose and locking the lips with her better half for a full blown PDA session. Before things get any steamier, out comes Gunner to crash the party.

With mic in hand, Gunner makes his way to the ring, assuring that he always saw Samuel as a friend. Instead of trusting him, Samuel let his new crazy attraction think otherwise and soon refers to crazy lovebirds as a pair of creepy bastards!

A brawl begins and Gunner manages to get the upper hand, managing to bring Samuel to the ground and choking him with his own shirt. Wasting little time to help her man, Brittany jumps into the action by climbing on Gunner’s back distracting him long enough for Samuel to deliver a big low blow.

As Samuel tosses Gunner shoulder first to the ring post, Brittany pulls out a pair of black gloves. She hands Samuel his gloves and he puts away Gunner with his signature submission hold as Brittany awes in approval.

We move on from that dynamic duo to another, as Gail Kim and Havok begin to take the stage in their second match for the Knockouts title. Before heading to the ring, Gail Kim tells backstage cameras that Havok better prepare herself as Gail is determined in getting back her Knockouts title!

Out first is the challenger Gail Kim, who doesn’t appeared to be fully recovered for this awaited rematch.

Havok’s music hits and half through her entrance down the ramp, the champion is attacked by Gail and the action soon begins to unfold outside the ring!

Havok strikes Gail with a kick bringing her opponent down. The champion then takes advantage of the outside environment by tossing Gail’s head to the ring. Havok scoops Gail and sets her in the arm hammerlock position that injured Gail in the first place. She charges to the ring post only to come to a halt as official blocks Havok’s path.

Brian Stiffler orders Havok to get in the ring so the match can official start. Gail takes this chance to strike a distracted Havok by landing a forearm and a few kicks. It doesn’t take Havok long to respond with her own kicks to Gail combining it with a forearm and sending Gail head first to the ring post!

With the bell still not ringing to officially start the match, Stiffler tries his best to regain order but it’s no use as this brawl moves further away from the ring and onto the entrance ramp.

Havok tosses Gail to the steel entrance ramp and makes her way up while dragging Gail by the hair with one hand. Once at the top of the entrance ramp, Gail manages to land a quick kick to Havok in the head. Gail tries to build momentum with a combination of kicks to Havok with a shot to gut and another to the head. Gail goes for a running big boot but Havok catches her leg and throws Gail off the top ramp as Havok cackles proudly of her actions!

Worried for her well being, medical officials surround a broken Gail to check on get condition. It’s a chaotic scene as we head to a quick break with the question of whether Gail can continue on or not.

As we return from our break, Jeremy Borash has an announcement. He informs us that due to Gail’s condition, medical officials have suspended the match from happening. Gail, however, thinks otherwise as she snatches Borash’s mic before he can officially call off the match and says the match WILL continue!

Havok is all game and waits for her opponent in the ring and the bell officially rings as this Knockouts championship match begins.

Things look bad for Gail as Havok quickly takes control of the match early on with a hammerlock bear hug charge to corner before coming to the center and delivering a big spine buster.

Just as Gail manages to get her feet up, Havok charges to her but Gail dodges and attempts a roll up pin but Havok size difference works in her favor. Havok goes for an elbow drop but Gail manages to roll away to safety.

Gail gets an opportunity for some offense, landing some kicks, forearms and even a double drop kick! She runs the ropes one more time and throws her whole body onto Havok at the corner.

Once on the opposite side of the ring, Gail tries to strike a punch to Havok but Havok counters with one of her own sending Gail off the ring.

Gail ties to catch her breath on those unforgiving steel steps as Havok is behind her preparing a double axe handles only to come short as Gail manages to escapes.

Gail climbs to the ring, attempting an elevated kick but Havok is a set ahead of her and positions Gail over her shoulders before dropping Gail face first onto the steel steps knocking the wind out of her!

Havok returns to the ring and Stiffler begins the count out to ten. Just as we are about to reach the ten count, Havok shoves the referee breaking the count. Seems as though Havok doesn’t want to win via count out as she tells Gail “I’m not finish with you yet” and tosses Gail back into the ring.

Once in the ring, Havok delivers a big kick to Gail and lifts her up over her shoulder but Gail reverses this into a brilliant octopus hold. Gail’s strategy is short lived as Havok side slams Gail out of the submission hold.

Havok looks to end things with a choke slam but Gail manages to escape. When that doesn’t work, Havok tries a Full Nelson but again Gail manages to escape Havok’s clutches.

Gail goes for own offense with a series of forearm to Havok following with a jumping arm bar. With a body part targeted, Gail big boots Havok’s right arm.

Gail leads Havok to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle to deliver a cross body to Havok turn into the first pin attempt of the match but Havok manages to kick out.

Gail then goes for the Eat Defeat to Havok but Havok reverses and instead delivers an arm hammerlock spine buster! Havok goes for the pin but amazingly Gail is able to kick out!

Havok wants to end things now with Harlot Slayer choke slam and grabs Gail by the throat only Gail counters this with the Eat Defeat! One, two… but Havok kicks out!

Frustrated and in disbelief, Gail goes high risk one more time and flies to Havok only to be caught halfway and choke slammed for the three count giving Havok the win and retaining the Knockouts title!

Thoughts: Beginning with the Samuel/Brittany segment, I really loved the video package put together telling Shaw’s story and how Brittany came into the picture. These video promos tend to be a strength of TNA’s so I’d love to see more of them in the future.

As for the actual segment, Brittany’s promo just wasn’t all there in my opinion. She had a few words but they didn’t come off to believable and I think it’s just because Santana is a natural far. She’s keening on this new heel persona and I’m intrigued by her character with Shaw who I’ve always been a fan of so perhaps through time Brittany will pick up on her mic skills.

I absolutely loved the Knockouts rematch! There was far more intense and tremendous than the first time Gail and Havok squared off for the title a few weeks ago.

I think there was a tremendous story being told with Gail playing the underdog during her brawl prior to the match and not giving up when medical officials told her otherwise.

Likewise, Havok continuing to be this force, always looking to harm her opponents was superb. It’s a little detail but I also enjoyed the bits of pieces Havok spoke during this match. It helped flow with the match and put Havok in a controlling role. I’d like to see more of it and perhaps even a full blown promo to give Havok’s character more depth.

So with Havok besting Gail yet again, it raises the question: Who can stop Havok? We’ll find out sooner than later but until then hasta luego Knockout fans!

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