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Impact Write-Up (October 28th, 2015): Gail Evens Up the Score

After being sidelined for a few weeks, Group Knockouts make their television return on Impact this week as the World Title Series continues to unfold. In what may or may not have been an attempt to make up for the lack of Knockouts action in recent weeks, TNA President Dixie Carter announced earlier this week that the Knockouts had the prestigious honor of being the main event of this week’s Impact show.

TNA’s most favorite rivalry, male or female, Awesome Kong and Gail Kim would battle it out once again, this time for the three points needed to advance in the World Title Series rather than that of the Knockouts Title. Just think of it as a Bound For Glory rematch (that just happened to be taped before Bound For Glory) with a different prize at stake.

After a brief promo highlighting their Bound For Glory Knockouts title match, Gail and Kong make their entrances to the six sided ring. The bell rings and after a good old stare down, Kong charges towards Gail, attempting to land a clothesline early on to the reigning Knockouts champion. Kong only hits air as Gail manages to evade Kong’s attack by rolling right under them.

Gail then takes her shot at an incoming attack to Kong but Kong’s strength proves to be too much for Gail, as she easily shoves her out the way.

As Gail gets back on her feet, she is more cautious in her next attack to Kong, this time taking a strike to Kong’s right arm. After landing several forearms to her opponent, Gail runs the ropes for a quick attack but finds herself falling onto the mat when she crashes with a firm standing Kong.

Gail rolls out the ring to recollect herself and come up with a new strategy to take down Kong. Upon entering the ring again, Gail targets Kong’s right shoulder, inflicting damage with a quick kick. Gail tries to whip Kong to a turnbuckle but Kong overpowers her, reversing the move and sending Gail to the turnbuckle instead.

Kong dashes towards to the cornered Gail but Gail escapes Kong’s move by slipping through the second rope. From the corner of her eye, Kong knocks Gail off the ring apron with a clothesline that causes Gail to land on the outside floor as we head to a commercial break.

When we return to our Knockouts main event, Kong remains in control of the match, scooping Gail up and swinging her head to a second turnbuckle. Kong follows up by keeping Gail on the ground with a camel clutch hold.

Realizing that Gail isn’t willing to tap out, Kong releases her hold and runs the ropes to hit a running splash to Gail, only to miss when Gail rolls out of harms way.

Ninja Kim finds herself back on the ground when Kong counters a handstand maneuver with a clothesline. Looking to wear Gail down, Kong applies a headlock submission to the Knockouts champion but it isn’t long before Gail fights her way out of it.

Gail tries to turn the tables around with a Flying Dragon hold to Kong but the plan fails when Kong counters by dropping all of her weight onto Gail. She goes for a pin but only earns a two count when Gail manages to kick out.

After landing a strong forearm to Kong’s head, Gail runs the ropes to hit a running dropkick that sends Kong to the outside! A fired up Gail then soars from the ring apron to hit a flying forearm to Kong, sending the mighty Knockout to timber to the floor! A count out countdown from the referee begins when Gail returns to the ring.

At the referee’s count of nine, Kong is just able to find her way back to the ring to keep this match going. Upon entering the ring, Kong gets trapped in an interverte arm stretch and head hold that nearly causes her to pass out. Kong reverses Gail’s hold by rolling her on her shoulders into a pin cover but only gets a two count.

As we hit the ten minute mark of this fifteen minute time limit match, Kong goes for another pin cover after catching Gail when she runs the ropes and slams her onto the mat. Gail kicks out at two.

Kong then tries to put Gail away with a chokeslam but Gail uses all the energy she has left to counter with a DDT! Once Gail manages to get back on her feet, she builds enough momentum with various kicks to climb the top rope of a corner and land a high flying cross body! Gail goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

When the cross body pin fails, Gail looks to hit the Eat Defeat but Kong is able to counter this, setting Gail up for an Awesome Bomb instead. Gail reverses Kong’s finisher midway and surprises her with a hurricanrana pin that earn her the win and the much needed three points needed to stay in group play for the World Title Series!

As we take one last look at the Group Knockout scoreboard, we see that this win from Gail now ties her up with Kong and Brooke as all three women now have three points each.

Thoughts: As I’ve said in the last Impact Write-Up, for me, this entire World Series means almost nothing as its entire purpose is really just to bide TV time for TNA until the can clean all of their backstage issues. Sadly, it’s really left this disconnection and disinterest feeling for TNA.

The only thing we can really look forward to these World Title Series matches are any unique matches that we normally wouldn’t get. While this week match wasn’t anything “unique”, I will say that I did enjoy this Kong vs. Gail match more than their Bound For Glory match. Things felt better paced and Gail, as always, looked superb against her long time rival.

Of course, both of these recent Kong/Gail matches pale in comparison to their initial series of matches in their early feud but I do appreciate how important TNA made this main event feel by showing the history between these two Knockouts throughout the night. For now, I think the best thing for TNA to do is to move on from giving is another Kong/Gail feud until they can seriously invest in it and not having to rely on their seven year old history.

Already announced for next week, Group Knockouts will be continue as Brooke takes on Madison Rayne. I really can’t wait for this entire tournament to be over! So until next week, hasta luego Knockout fans!

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