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Impact Write-Up (October 29th, 2014): The Queen Bee Strikes Back

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s edition of Impact Write-Up. We’re taking a bit of a break from the Knockouts title scene this week to focus on rebuilding friendships between Madison Rayne and Taryn Terell, or as I like to call them, Team MILF (Mothers Incredibly Loving Fitness) as they take on the team of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky who we, of course, know as the Beautiful People.

Seemingly wanting to be the bigger person, Madison catches Taryn backstage before their match to clear the air on how things played out during their Triple Threat match a few weeks ago.

Madison admits she played dirty by pulling Taryn’s tights that night to get the win but assures that was only because of her competitive side wanting be victorious. Taryn brushes off Madison’s apology and suggests they focus on their tag match instead. They can deal with whatever problem they have later…. maybe sooner than later.

Time for the match! The Beautiful People make their way to the ring first.

Madison Rayne and Angelina Love start things off with Madison going for two quick roll up pin back to back but Angelina manages to kicks out at both attempts. Velvet sneaks up behind Madison but is taken down by a drop toe hold. Refocusing her attention on to Angelina, Madison drags Angelina to the corner where Taryn awaits, extending her hand for a tag wanting in on the action. Madison stares at her partner’s hand hesitantly but tags in Taryn anyway.

Angelina takes control of Taryn with a knee shot and irish whips her across the ring but Taryn counters with a kick to Angelina face. On to the offense, Taryn throws her forearms to Angelina, a kick to the gut and lands a quick neck breaker following a pin attempt.

Angelina gets her arm up before the three count but is taken down immediately by drop toe hold by Taryn who also delivers take down an interfering Velvet in the same fashion. Taryn continues her battle with the The Beautiful People duo with a double dropkick. Angelina and Velvet roll outside the ring but still can’t escape Taryn as she delivers a baseball slide to an onlooking Madison. Building momentum, Taryn goes to tag her partner who surprisingly jumps from her position onto the outside.

Nothing to upset about Taryn, Madison is just tossing Angelina back into the ring and fixing her hair in the process. Back in the ring, Taryn forearms Angelina and whips her to the rope but Angelina reverses and Taryn is taken down by an outside Velvet Sky who pulls Taryn’s leg. Madison witnessing all this does nothing to help her MILF partner and instead a looks in the opposite direction.

Angelina makes a tag and The Beautiful People send Taryn across the ring with intentions of a double team attack but Taryn manages to counter with a double clothesline. Taryn reaches out to Madison for a tag but Madison notices Angelina has rolled out the ring again an hops off from her position to take of Angelina leaving Taryn to continue being the legal woman in this tag match that suddenly feels like a handicap match.

Velvet attacks Taryn following pin attempt but Taryn manages to kick out. Velvet then taunts Madison using Taryn who has yet been able to make a tag. Madison remains nonchalant while Taryn holds her own from the turnbuckle on another double attack from The Beautiful People by landing boots as they came after her and wrapping it up a big flying cross body!

Pleading one more time for a tag, Taryn crawls to her partner Madison who blankly gazes at her. She doesn’t comprehend with Taryn tag and steps in illegally anyway shoulder blocking Angelina and Velvet before turning on Taryn with a stiff kick! Madison hits Taryn with a Rayne Check (as well as a reality check) before waving her way out the ring, pleased with herself, leaving Taryn to be pinned by both Angelina and Velvet for the win.

#Impact365 cameras catch Madison post tag match for comments on her sudden change in character.

She describes Taryn’s situation as unfortunate. She realizes people have talked against Madison for weeks now and always have so why not give them to talk now? Madison says she’s never changed and has always been the Queen Bee. With that, the Queen Bee demands that someone find her tiara as it has gone missing. Can someone please find the queen her tiara!?

Thoughts: For the most part, I think this tag match was thrown together more to cement Madison’s heel turn over anything else. Madison played her role very well throughout the match with her attitude and unwillingness to help Taryn before ultimately turning on her.

We know how well Madison can play heel but if I’m going to be honest, I’ve grown to admire Madison as a face and not sure why the sudden turn. It could be to start a small feud between Madison and Taryn to perhaps build Taryn up a bit more before she chases the gold again. If that is the case, then I hope things aren’t so one sided as they were when Madison and Brittany had their mini feud.

With what only appears to be three episodes left of Impact to air this year thus far, these next few weeks will be interesting to see how things unfold with Madison’s heel turn, Taryn getting some payback and if it will incorporate to the Knockouts title later.

That’s it for this week Knockout fans! Hasta luego!

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