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In Video: Natalya Talks Tag Team Tables Match for ‘Inside the Match’

WWE TLC 2010 is in the spotlight in WWE.com’s latest edition of Inside the Match, as Natalya takes us inside the historic Tag Team Tables match that teamed her with Beth Phoenix to take on Michelle McCool and Layla.

Natalya says it feels like the match was yesterday, rather than almost three years ago.

She notes Beth’s strength, which was on display when the Glamazon lifted both members of Lay-Cool onto her shoulders.

That strength had a downside for her partner, though, as Natalya says that when Beth was whipped into her, it felt like two freight trains colliding.

Natalya highlights her double Sharpshooter, noting that it was never done before and never done since – except by her, of course.

The moment the match should have ended – with Layla and Michelle going through the table – only left the table dented. Natalya reveals that she couldn’t believe the table didn’t break, but didn’t hesitate to drive the nail in the coffin and end the match.

Natalya closes the video by calling the match “the highlight” of her career.

Watch the latest Inside the Match below:

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