Saturday, December 2, 2023

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In Video: Preview of Diva Diaries with Maria Kanellis (Another Must Watch)

You’ve already seen a teaser trailer for her YouShoot interview but Maria Kanellis has more to say and its every bit as juicy! The Internet is buzzing today over comments made by Maria in this here shoot interview, ‘Diva Diaries’ from Find out why…

Kanellis has some choice words about a certain Diva, as you can probably tell by the preview. From what I’m told, the phrase ‘shit just got real’ doesn’t even begin to describe what you can see in the full shoot interview.

To pre-order the DVD, head on over to by clicking here.

For more juicy gossip from Maria’s shoot interview tune into The Untitled Allison Danger Show on Saturday.’s Amber Gertner will have the 411!

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