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In Video: Rick Cataldo Challenges Becky Bayless at WSU iPPV

WSU’s Boy Diva Rick Cataldo has released a video challenging former TNA star Becky Bayless (Cookie) to a match at the November 19th Internet pay per view when she returns to the company.

Let’s just say that this promo has to be seen…

Is he available for “Promo 101” lessons for the Divas?

More information on Becky and Rick’s history in WSU below:

[notice]Rick Cataldo and Becky Bayless have several things in common when it comes to WSU – both were part of WSU’s first shows in 2007 and both have never minded being called a diva. However, that is where the similarities end, and the differences begin.

From WSU’s start in 2007, Becky Bayless & Rick Cataldo never got along. While Becky Bayless was proving to the wrestling world that she was no longer just another pretty face, but a true wrestler during her series of matches with Alicia, Rick Cataldo was weaseling himself into WSU. For newer WSU fans who ask “How is Rick Cataldo, a male, in an all female promotion?” the answer is simple. Rick Cataldo hired a lawyer and threatened to sue & shut WSU down for not being an equal opportunity employer. Cataldo said while he is a male, he is a diva and deserves the same opportunity and chances as the females in professional wrestling.

Cataldo & Bayless butted heads in the early days of WSU, going at it in Uncensored Rumbles and never being on the same page.

The two had their first one-on-one singles match on 10/3/09 (You can purchase the DVD at or watch the match directly on your computer at Bayless came out the winner in that match, and Cataldo was furious.

After their match, Bayless & Cataldo went different ways in WSU. Cataldo, a former WSU Tag Champion who masterminded “The Beatdown Betties” tag team, tried to find success again, in stable form, when himself & Brittney Savage created “The Cosmo Club.” The Cosmo Club would hold the WSU Spirit & WSU Tag Team Championships during their duration. However, the Cosmo Club wasn’t afraid to get personal with Bayless.

Savage & Bayless never got along and feuded over the WSU Spirit Title during 2010. The same title that Savage first won on 10/10/09 in a triple threat match with then champion Latasha & Becky Bayless herself.

Things got way too personal when Savage, under Cataldo’s pushing and will, talked about a DWI Becky Bayless got in 2008. Here’s a refresher of that video:

Savage & Cataldo would not stop mocking Bayless for her DWI, and things came to a head on 6/26/10 at the WSU Uncensored Rumble III event. Savage would beat Bayless after spitting alcohol in the face of Bayless.

Since that time, a lot has changed. Bayless left WSU to pursue a career in TNA Wrestling, a mismanaged bushleague operation that saddled Bayless with the name of “Cookie”, a play off “Snookie” from Jersey Shore. During Bayless’s time in the miserable cesspool land known as TNA, Bayless was reduced to fist pumping and trying to do a job to the best of her ability. However, now Bayless has returned home to WSU, where it’s not a job, but a personal vendetta. Bayless has unfinished business to settle. Her first target: Rick Cataldo.

When WSU announced that Bayless would be returning on 11/19 at the Breaking Barriers II iPPV, Cataldo demanded a match, claiming he also had unfinished business. After talking with Bayless, the rematch has been made, and we will see Bayless vs Cataldo II LIVE on iPPV on 11/19.


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