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Indi Hartwell Retains NXT Women’s Title With Injured Ankle At Spring Breakin’

Indi Hartwell is still the NXT Women’s Champion after surviving a triple threat match in the main event of Spring Breakin’. She defeated both Perez and Tiffany Stratton.

The match certainly had its less favorable moments but the match made a turn when Hartwell’s ankle buckled underneath her. Stratton went for a high risk maneuver off of the top turnbuckle and came crashing down on both Hartwell and Perez on the outside. Immediately medical came to take a look at Hartwell as she was taking her foot of her wrestling boot.

Back in the ring it became a one on one match with the crowd not knowing if Hartwell was done. She was taken to the back. After several minutes trading near falls between Perez and Stratton, Hartwell came limping out to break up the count and save her gold.

Stratton executed her moonsault despite Hartwell trying to stop her. As Stratton goes for the pin, Hartwell pulled her out from under the bottom rope. The champ hits her running forearm to the back of Perez getting the pin and retaining the title.

Other women’s matches of the night included a victory for Cora Jade over Lyra Valkyria. It was a well paced even match up. The final moments hd Jade go for a weapon and attempt to use it in front of the referee. Valkyria tried to take advantage but Jade swatted her down before delivering the chop block and a DDT to get the win.

Lastly, we saw what appears to be the final act of the saga between Brooks Jensen & Kiana James as they took on Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley. Another very well paced match which ended in Briggs getting the pin on Jensen. James’ bag came into play which had Jensen accidentally knock her off the ring apron.

Post-match, Jensen tried to apologize to James and wanted validation that she still loved him. James attempted to slap him and told him that she never loved him. Briggs was there to console Jensen as he and Henley have welcomed him back into the fold.

Gigi Dolin made an appearance calling out Jacy Jayne. She said that they will have a match next week and Dolin’s brother will be present in the crowd.

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