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Irish wrestler wins ground-breaking championship

This is an interesting one to say the least. Irish based promotion, Over The Top Wrestling (OTT) has introduced a Gender Neutral Championship to their collection of championship belts. Current OTT Women’s Champion ‘Session Moth’ Martina became the inaugural champion at this past weekend’s ‘Being The Elite’ event from Dublin.

Martina, alongside current Defiant Women’s Champion and WWE Mae Young competitor, Kay Lee Ray defeated The AngelCruzers (Angel Cruz & B-Cool) for the title. However, Martina was the awarded the title after scoring the pinfall to win the match.

The next night at OTT’s ‘Aftershock’ event in Belfast, she successfully retained against Adam Maxted and Charlie Sterling.

She had this to say about the honour on Twitter:

It is quite common on the independents for men and women to compete against one another. This is also shown on a more mainstream level with Lucha Underground. Women on that show are eligible to compete for all titles in the promotion. Women have also competed for Male titles in different companies. However the idea of introducing a ‘Gender Neutral’ title is a touchy subject with people for and against the LGBTQ+ community. Some believe there are only two genders: male and female. While others believe in gender-fluidity and there is more of an umbrella of genders.

As far as Martina and this new championship goes, she already had had interest from other wrestlers and fan suggestions. These include the likes of Jimmy Havoc, Jim Cornette (jokingly), and even WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne.

But what do you all think of this news? Do you like the idea of there being a ‘Gender Neutral’ Championship in professional wrestling? Who would you like to see Martina defend her championship against? As always, let us know in the comments below!

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