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Isla Dawn is a Very Different Version of Who She Once Was


Isla Dawn is ready to face the Final Boss next week as she will be challenging Meiko Satomura for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. This version of Isla Dawn is not the same one Satomura faced one year ago when she stepped into WWE. In fact, Dawn was her first competitor and Satomura recognizes the difference.

In the most recent promo below Dawn says the Isla that Meiko faced one year ago is gone and that she will be the one to cause the fall of the champion. Will Isla be the one to dethrone the Final Boss? If not, who?

Dawn has strung together a few victories over the past number of months. Most importantly defeating Emilia McKenzie, who is Satomura’s protege. Satomura has been champion since June when she dethroned the longest reigning champion, Kay Lee Ray.

She has gone on to defend successfully against Amale, Stevie Turner, Jinny, Xia Brookside, and most recently Blair Davenport. Davenport was likely poised to be the one to take the gold but a recent injury during their last title match has stalled that possibility.

On this week’s NXT UK, there were two women’s matches with the following results –

Emilia McKenzie defeated Nina Samuels

Aleah James defeated Stevie Turner

What are your thoughts heading into Meiko vs. Isla? Check back in next week to see who walks out as NXT UK Women’s Champion.