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I’ve Got Chills, They’re Multiplyin’..

Alicia Fox in “Electric Blue”

We’re debuting a new format for our Eye Candy posts – complete with more detailed critiques and “graded” categories. View the photoshoot we’ve “hung” on our wall, read our critique, vote, and last but not least – sound off in the comments!

The Look: Alicia’s sporting her ring gear – a bright blue concoction reminiscent of Melina‘s gear in the design. In that respect, it’s not all that remarkable – couldn’t she have come up with a more unique design? I know there’s only so many variations the girls can come up with that’ll work in the ring, but for a girl that has such a unique look on her own (fabuloussss hair), surely she can cook up something equally as eye-catching. That said, she looks quite good in it. Her makeup is flawless. Can I say again how much I love her hair? In a sea of blondes and brunettes with pin-straight hair, it’s refreshing to see a girl go balls-out with her hairdo. Grade: B+

The Poses: She’s got the attitude down pat – the face, the hands, the “don’t mess with me” stance. It’s a far cry from the peace signs and grins of her earlier shoots. I love that she’s incorporating a lot of her character into the poses, and makes you believe that she’s, if I could borrow a common internet phrase, “serious business”. Grade: A

Uniqueness: I’ve always liked photoshoots with girl in their ring gear – it allows you to get a better look at their “signature look” and persona, as well as showcasing the hard work that’s obviously put into some of these tights. That said, there’s nothing terribly unique about them, but in Alicia’s case she’s truly putting on the air of her character, getting comfortable in her new persona. She seems to have a handle on her gimmick, and this type of focus is pretty unique, I’d say. Grade: B+

Overall: I’ve said it plenty of times, but I really like the ring gear photoshoots, so that alone makes this shoot interesting to me. Alicia doesn’t let me down either as her hair, makeup and poses all pull her persona together and package it up nicely, making for a dynamite shoot. Grade: A

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