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Ivelisse teases season four of Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground luchadora Ivelisse recently spoke with the Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly podcast to discuss the upcoming season returning this summer, her interest in working with Impact Wrestling, the importance of the independent wrestling scene and more. Highlights of the interview below, courtesy of After Buzz TV.

On Lucha Underground Season 4 and progression of her character: You’ll see a lot more from me and definitely not any “storylines” that are love based which I am extremely happy about. It’ll be a lot more me, a lot more kick ass a lot more wrestling, competition in the ring and thank god no injury. I’m really really excited. Basically, what I have worked for and sacrificed my entire 13-year career. I’ve been very passionate about representing women in a very credible manner as competitors.

On the progression of Women and minorities in wrestling: Honestly I do think, see and feel that change happening more and more. From what I see it is definitely improving. Especially with Lucha Underground as well, it was based on minorities.. The Latinos and the Latino community. So it was definitely something that was uplifting. However, it’s not just with Lucha Underground but wrestling in general. I do see improvement, and that is pretty exciting.

Her interest in Wrestling for Impact: They have not asked me, which is kind of odd. I’ve even asked Lucha Underground what’s up with this joint program with Impact. Obviously, it’s something I’d love to do and it’s great exposure that would help a lot while Lucha Underground is dark. But, they have not asked me. And I kind of trying to figure out why…. But I’m going to keep doing my thing and one way or another I will shine.

The importance of the indie scene: It is very important because it helps to build a foundation, regardless if you start in a major company or not; if you visualize yourself being active in the pro wrestling scene you are going to eventually somehow or someway run through the circuit of the indy scene. You are always going loop through the indies whether you start in it or you don’t, so it’s very important to learn that world and make some type of mark in that world.

On WWE Not Contacting Her For the Mae Young Classic: For the Mae Young Classic they (WWE) did not. For a possible second one, I don’t know and it depends on when it happens too. As long as I’m under a Lucha Underground contract I can’t do anything related to WWE. Although you never know what happens in the future hence Lucha Underground with TNA.

On who are her dream opponents: For people, I have wrestled before that I would like to wrestle again, I would say Madison Eagles. I think she is freaking awesome and I would love to have more matches with her. And for people, I have not wrestled, I would like to wrestle Asuka because we have different wrestling styles and I think it would be really cool.

Ivelisse also discusses the Rosemary/Sexy Star situation, her relationship with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and getting into MMA.

You can watch the full interview below:

What did you think of the interview? Are you excited for the next season of Lucha Underground? Would you like to see Ivelisse on Impact and/or WWE’s Mae Young Classic? Let us know in the comments below!

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