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Jada Stone Responds To Bayley Wearing Her Merch After WrestleMania Win

Bayley is all smiles after defeating IYO SKY at WrestleMania XL on Sunday to become the new WWE Women’s Champion. You know who else is all smiles? Jada Stone.

For those unfamiliar with Jada, she is a 20yo indie talent who has wrestled for many promotions but most notably OVW. She has been on the scene for the past two years and is nicknamed “The Spark.”

At the post show press conference on Sunday, after Bayley’s big win, she was seen wearing a Jada Stone shirt. Jada responded to this on her social media.

“If Only Y’all Knew….
This Means Legit EVERYTHING Too Me!!”

As you can see, Bayley, much like Cody Rhodes, had her own shirt displayed for her Mania win but chose to advertise Jada.

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