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Jazz to defend NWA Women’s Title in Synergy Wrestling

WWE and ECW alumna Jazz has enjoyed a historically long reign as NWA World Women’s Champion at 843 days and counting. She hopes to extend that reign a little bit longer on Jan. 26 when she defends her title in a Synergy Wrestling ring against Maria Manic.

Synergy Wrestling is a small, relatively new promotion in Hillsborough, New Jersey. The promotion’s eighth live event – appropriately called EIGHT – will house Synergy Wrestling’s very first women’s main event. The folks at Synergy could not have picked a better headliner than an NWA World Women’s Championship match.

In the two and a half years that she has been champion, Jazz has given some great performances in title defenses against the likes of Jordynne Grace, Penelope Ford and most recently, Allie. At 45 years of age, it’s easy to say that the Louisiana native has still got it.

However, she comes up against a unique challenge when she faces Maria Manic. Manic entered this industry as a bleach blonde and super strong East Coast Barbie most notable for being in a tag team with Penelope Ford called Blonde Ambition.

However, Manic kicked off 2018 by dying her hair black and going through a drastic character change. Now, she kicks off 2019 with the opportunity of a lifetime.

These past few years, Manic has made appearances for promotions like SHINE, IWA Mid-South, and most prominently in CZW where she has given some incredibly brutal and bloody performances. Slowly but surely, Manic continues to improve her craft, but still remains largely unknown and unproven in the bigger picture. This match with Jazz could change all of that.

With slightly over three years worth of experience on her side, this title match with Jazz is undoubtedly the biggest match of her career so far. More than just the possibility of a title win, Manic’s performance in her match with Jazz could make or break her career.

In fact, this match could be big for both parties if they play their cards right in a couple week’s time. Manic could prove that she deserves a place at the table with the big dogs while Jazz once again reminds us that she’s capable of hanging in there with the young guns. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Anyone in the Hillsborough area hoping to attend Synergy Wrestling’s EIGHT can pick up tickets right here.

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