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Jetta Shows Remembrance Of Daffney On GAW TV

The current Pro Wrestling: Eve Champion Jetta alongside her fiance and fellow wrestler Charlie Morgan were this week’s guests on GAW TV. The show hosted by Lisa Marie Varon, Mickie James, and SoCal Val starts each show with a discussion on “what are you drinking and who are you wearing.”

In the clip below, it shows Jetta showing off her Daffney shirt. Morgan brings up that Jetta also has Daffney an armband stitch for her ring gear as well.

Jetta says, “She was a massive pioneer in a lot of things she did in wrestling but the main thing for me about her was that she was just the kindest, sweetest person. Always made everybody feel included and if there was somebody in the locker room who was sat on their own it would be Daffney who would go over to that person and make them feel included and make sure that they were okay. So I like to keep that in my bag because it just reminds me to be Daffney in those situations. You know to be that person. To me, that’s her legacy.”

Daffney passed away at the age of 46 in September 2021.

Jetta and Morgan were guests on this week’s GAW TV as the channel is featuring members of the LGBTQ+ community throughout the month of June for Pride. The full video can be seen below. Daffney’s GAW TV appearance can be viewed here.

Along with Pro Wrestling EVE, both Jetta and Morgan have worked for various British promotions such as PROGRESS and Wrestle Carnival. Morgan has done matches for NXT UK. Stateside they have wrestled for SHIMMER.

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