Jokey vs. Holidead at Rising Sun


Free Match Friday is a weekly feature from Diva Dirt. Every Friday, we’ll spotlight a great indie match available to watch for free online. Some of the best wrestling in the world is happening in high school gyms and sports bars and even, occasionally, in an appropriate venue for a wrestling match. This week, our free match is a fierce contest between Jokey and Holidead at SUN Rise with Heart.

Jokey is a rising star in independent women’s wrestling, one of the breakout talents of Italian Championship Wrestling and currently performing for Insane Championship Wrestling under the ring name Aivil. (Aivil is, like, a demon possessing Jokey, or something, it’s awesome). She’s versatile, pacey and light on her feet in the ring, comfortable in the air and has a great sense of character. This match begins with Jokey giving Holidead a balloon and then punching her in the face, and there’s little better could sum up her harlequin-inspired character than that.

Holidead, a little older and a lot more seasoned than Jokey, plays the role of veteran well in this match, sitting down on an audience member for a rest at one point. She is the classic power match to Jokey’s agility, effortlessly catching her in mid-air, and has that veteran ring awareness. She more than manages to put Jokey over without making herself look weak in the process.

It’s lovely that this show, organised to raise money for charity, featured two women in the main event and the match gives both performers plenty of time to show off their skills. Jokey is a great seller who loves the crowd as much as the crowd loves her. Holidead fits the heel role like a glove and makes herself look incredibly powerful. It’s just a great little match.

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