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JR Comments on State of Women’s Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross posted the following on his website about the state of women’s wrestling (I’m assuming) in the major promotions i.e. WWE and TNA. He writes:

We get lots of emails from fans of women’s wrestling. I hate to break the news to you die hards of this specific genre but unless the decision makers change their philosophy, and my money is on them not doing so, women’s wrestling is essentially going to remain a supplement to the overall product that will remain positioned to appease to the male demo by providing sex appeal. Don’t kill the messenger on this one but one can see this play out each week on TV. Yes, there are some very athletic women in wrestling, and, yes, there are some very lovely and hard working, dedicated ladies in wrestling, but the days of these ladies athletic abilities being fully utilized don’t see to me to be eminent. Provocative entrances and ring attire along with suggestive language seem to indicate that the dye has been cast and the women in today’s wrestling world know their role and most seem to be happy to have the work and to be getting TV exposure. Perhaps the athletic side of these women will become somewhat more of a focus.

Sadly, JR’s words couldn’t be more true and as much as there may be glimmers of hope i.e. with Sunday’s Extreme Rules match, the status quo remains the same. However, it saddens me that people pretty much just say: “It is what it is, accept it.” Someone of JR’s influence could make a little bit of a difference by praising and discussing the athleticism of the Divas and Knockouts, as he mentions, in his blogs once a week. Sure, it’s not going to change the writing but it shows there are people willing to illuminate the positives and not give up on these girls when everyone around them admits defeat.

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