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JR on Kharma’s Blog, Says His Website Lost Business Because of Angry Fans

WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, wrote on his website yesterday about Kharma‘s recent blog defending him. Ross says Kharma ‘cleared up the misunderstanding’ over him allegedly calling her ‘too fat’ for the WWE several years ago during Tough Enough 2 auditions.

He also reveals that his website’s barbeque sales saw a decline due to angry, overzealous fans who didn’t know the full extent of the situation.


JR Comments on Kharma’s ‘Too Fat’ Remark on Raw, Backlash from Fans 

JR writes:

@Kharma wrote a really nice blog that cleared up the misunderstanding that some people had after her compelling, in ring promo on Monday Night Raw. Too many people acted like idiots and indicted me for all sorts of ridiculous things having to do with racism, being a misogynist, etc before knowing the facts. We lost a fair amount of business here on our website because of the matter which is regrettable.

Thoughts: As I wrote earlier this week, fans who were angered by Ross calling Kharma ‘too fat’ several years ago were short-sighted. Ross’ comments were that of WWE’s, which clearly had/has a ‘mold’ for its Divas when hiring, and not necessarily his own opinion. Good of Kharma to come to his defense a few days ago.

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