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Kaitlyn Talks About Her Experience in WWE So Far, Gruelling Travel for Superstars/Divas

SmackDown Diva, Kaitlyn, who celebrates her one year anniversary since joining WWE this month, has written a blog about her experience in the company so far for female fitness site, Hardbody.

Kaitlyn described a recent hellish trip she took to make it to a SmackDown taping, which I think gives fans a greater appreciation for just how much work is involved in being a WWE Superstar and juggling life on the road.

Of her trip, Kaitlyn writes:

“Crap”. (that’s not actually what I said… But it’s close enough). It was 5:29 and my connection was going to take off at 5:52! When we got to the gate, I jumped up frantically trying to get to the front. Hey, I don’t care, I’ll push a baby! Especially if he was crying the whole flight. I was not going to get stuck in Charlotte, NC for the night. That means that I would have to fly to Harrisburg in the morning on a TV day.

TV days are ridiculously long and not to mention hella stressful. Plus my bags would be going to Harrisburg without me. That means my clothes, hair products and my cooler with all my food, (of course I bring my food on the road. Once a fitness girl, always a fitness girl), would be out of touch until the next morning.

So, I grabbed my carry-on and held on to my low-rise jeans and sprinted from gate B7 to gate E25! I made it in just enough time to have the yellow strap pulled in front of me and the gate door closed. The lady at the desk wasn’t bothered in the least that I had embarrassing pit stains and was pretty much completely out of breathe.

Speaking about her year in WWE so far, she adds:

My life as a Diva is amazing, exhausting, rewarding, challenging and the best job in the world, but it is most definitely NOT glamorous. I have had the most incredible, (good and bad) experiences and I’ve only been with the WWE for just short of one, whirl-wind year.

Read the full blog here.

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