Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Karen Officially Parts Ways with TNA

After yesterday’s initial post that Karen Angle was taken off TNA television, the latest word is that Karen is not only off TV but gone from the company completely! No idea if she walked away or if TNA released her but this comes off the back end of Karen divorcing husband, Kurt Angle and I called it last month that I would expect her release to follow soon after.

The female Angle is now taking independent bookings for appearances and conventions. Not to inflate my own ego *cough* but I think I’m getting a pretty good track record with these predictions! During the WWE Draft, I called Layla moving to Raw, Maria to SmackDown and now Karen’s TNA departure. Payment for psychic readings available, holla at my e-mail!

Karen’s departure marks the third Knockout leaving TNA in as many months. These girls are getting voted off the island faster than Diddy can kick out Danity Kane members! Who do you think could be “voted off” in November?

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