Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Katie Lea’s Got Passion

Katie Lea‘s new photoshoot “Purple Passion” isn’t exactly typical fare from her – sure, there’s still the intense eyes and seriousness, but she’s showing more diversity, mixing in a few different poses. She’ll never be one to pose all smiley or do the “duck lips”, and for that I’m thankful. I’m not big on the outfit – purple’s not one of my favorite colors, and the cut of the top is a bit unflattering. The bottom half though, with the black pants and thigh-high boots, look excellent in her crouching poses. It’s easy to see that she’s one of the most eccentric Divas in the WWE, and you can tell she doesn’t work hard to be perceived as different or sexy – she just is. I don’t get the whiff of “try too hard” like I do from other Divas, and maybe that’s why she appeals to me so much.

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