Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Kelly Klein becomes a three-time Women of Honor Champion

Kelly Klein recaptured the Women of Honor Championship to become the first ever three-time champion. The monumental victory went down at Ring of Honor’s Glory by Honor pay-per-view in the UNO Lakeside Arena in New Orleans.

Similar to their match at last month’s Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor where Klein shockingly lost the championship to Love, the match was plagued with interference from Love’s fellow Allure team-mate, Mandy Leon. Klein seemingly had the match won but the referee was out, Leon entered the fray with a chair in hand until Maria Manic made the save. She put her in the torture rack into a burning hammer. With Leon out of the way, Klein was able to hit Love with the K-Power for the victory.

“The Gatekeeper” Kelly Klein reclaims her rightful spot at the top on the division. Just a mere 15-days as champion for Love was more than Klein could handle. But with Maria Manic now on the scene and Session Moth Martina waiting in the wings can Klein remain on top? We can’t wait to find out.

What do you think of the victory and who do you think her next challenger should be? Let us know below.

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