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King And Queen Of The Ring Predictions: 05.25.24

WWE’s King And Queen Of The Ring premium live event will air on Saturday, May 25 at 1 PM ET. The event is being held in Saudi Arabia. Below are the three matches on the card for the women.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles

Countdown Kick Off Show

Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair (c) vs. Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae

QOTR Finals

Lyra Valkyria vs. Nia Jax

Women’s World Champion

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Liv Morgan

Here is our predictions:

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles

JOEY: While the winners are obvious, props to Candice and Indi for getting a spot on the show (LeRae especially). Bianca and Jade aren’t losing those titles anytime soon but the spectacle of Jade is still more than enough to make me wanna watch this match.

WINNERS: Bianca & Jade

NICK: It would be way too early and random for Bianca and Jade to lose. Unless they do the turn on one another. But that’s a long time away I feel. Plus Shayna and Zoey won a number one contender spot anyway and I am sure they will face Bianca and Jade.

WINNERS: Bianca & Jade

ALGEO: Bianca and Jade are not losing those titles anytime time soon, especially not to Indi and Candice. Jade is unstoppable, which does make me wonder if any team is capable of taking those titles away from them.

WINNERS: Bianca and Jade

QOTR Finals

JOEY: When this tournament began and the brackets were announced, this was not the match up I envisioned for the finals. Not complaining, it’s a fresh bout but I will be disappointed if Nia doesn’t secure the crown. I like Lyra, but not enough to justify a win here and then a title shot at SummerSlam. Not to mention this Queen of the Ring gimmick just seems tailor fit for Jax and she deserves to be the one to dethrone Bayley over on Smackdown. Valkyria will be fine taking a loss to Nia, plus too much too soon is not exactly booking that endears you to a white meat babyface.

Winner and NEW Queen of the Ring: Nia Jax

NICK: I think this tournament was fantastic and one of the best booked in a very long time. I could see it going either way as both women would pose great matches at SummerSlam. However, I think this is made for Nia for some many different reasons. Great introduction for Lyra on the main roster tho!


ALGEO: I feel as though they’ve been wanting to propel Lyra to the moon, and with the crown I think it this would cement her as a top star on the main roster. I do believe Nia can remain a force simply on her own, but it would be interesting to see what Lyra can do with a Queen gimmick. Also, with a buildup into a Summerslam match this could be very beneficial for Lyra depending on who comes out as Champion.

WINNER: Lyra Valkyria

Women’s World Champion

JOEY: A lot is riding on the booking of this match for Liv Morgan and I’m nervous they’re going to hold off on giving Liv the title here bc WWE wants Becky going into Clash as the Women’s World Champion. From an objective standpoint, I understand the logic behind keeping the title on Becky and I’ve read a lot of commenters going back and forth on those who think Liv can lead the division vs. those who think she can’t. Personally, I think Liv has the rizz to warrant a run as the Women’s World Champion but Becky is the safe option. The more I think about the outcome, the more difficult the decision is, so I’m going to forgo logic and let my inner fan pick the winner.

Winner and NEW WWE Women’s World Champion: Liv Morgan

NICK: I love Becky and I love Liv, but I am tired of Liv losing to Becky. I much rather have had Liv take the belt off of Rhea but injuries happen. I still think Liv stays on the upper card though even if she loses because of Rhea returning. I can see a Liv, Rhea, and Becky triple threat at like SummerSlam which would REALLY put Liv over if she can retain there. Let’s go with who I want over what will likely happen just for fun.

WINNER: Liv Morgan

ALGEO: I’m sorry to say, but I don’t think they’re gonna pull the trigger with Liv this time around. In an optimistic world, I would love for Liv to win the title. But snapping back to reality, it almost seems like a cat and mouse game when it comes to Liv’s overall title chase and I almost expect that she’s gonna come up short yet again. But, how long are we going to keep playing that game? Becky is arguably the safe option, but where does that leave Liv and her Revenge Tour? And how is it going to build the story with Rhea? There’s a lot of intrigue with this match, but either outcome these two will undoubtedly deliver.


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