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Kris Statlander Reveals New Look on AEW Rampage


On this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite Kris Statlander hinted at a change to her appearance. While looking in a mirror she removed her contact lenses and her war paint from her face. She didn’t take long to unveil her new look as she came out to help Red Velvet on Friday’s Rampage.

Red Velvet has been stuck in the middle between Statlander and Leyla Hirsch who all three were close friends and teammates. Over the past few months, tensions started to rise and Statlander and Hirsch grew animosity for one another with Velvet ending up on the side of Statlander. On Rampage, there was a grudge match between Hirsch and Red Velvet after Hirsch was successful in her victory over Statlander on the Buy-In of Revolution.

Prior to the bell even ringing the two competitors battled on the ramp. Statlander interjected at the end of the match. Hirsch brought a turnbuckle connector out from under the ring and planned on using it before Statlander pulled it away from her. Red Velvet took advantage of Statlander’s help and landed a corkscrew kick to get a pin and victory over Hirsch.

Statlander was noticeably no longer in her alien gimmick and commentary remarked how she looks completely different.

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