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Krissy Vaine’s Vainety Fair: Randomness with the ADHD Kicking


Gosh, where do I start? Everyone prepare themselves for a random column this week! First of all, hey y’all! How you doing? I hope everyone is doing great this holiday season! I sure am! Whew, I have been slammed recently with my business and it has left me little to no time at the computer! I’m not complaining though — I feel totally blessed. We are in a recession, you know! So much has been happening, I don’t even know where to start.

Well here’s some good news — I have started working out again (first time in a gym in two years) lol. Gosh, that is totally embarassing and a true athlete would never admit to that, right? Oh well, I’m honest, like me or not! It feels good though. I enjoyed being ‘skinny fat’ for the last two years but honestly, I had taken a long enough break! Speaking of ‘breaks’ I’ve also had a pretty long one from wrestling… I think now that I’m training to become to become a 5-star athlete (wink,wink, hee hee hee) again maybe I’ll give wrestling another go. I had a ‘semi-comeback’ last year but that wasn’t really working out the way I wanted. You know by the time you get to a certain age, you just really like to march to the beat of your own drum. Actually I’ve always been like that lol! So I’ve taken some time and regrouped. Oh I’ll give you a lil spoiler, you won’t be seeing Krissy Vaine at TNA for the tag tournament next week. That synchronicity thing I’ve talked about before is so funny! Timing is everything and unfortunately I was already obligated to something else by the time this idea came to fruition. This go round, because I have looked less than professional in the past (and that is not my nature) I have to do things the right way. It’s really important for me to do so. So whomever I’m with, I’ll be giving that company 100%  — no more one show appearances for me. Its not fair to anyone involved. I do have some very exciting and interesting things going on in the New Year.

I think I’m going to set up a Twitter so that I can keep everyone updated. Fun! Tweet tweet! My bedazzled BlackBerry is never far from my side and I’m not having as much time to blog as I’d like. I love the interaction and I think it would be fun. Oh by the way, expect a much more grown up and mature Krissy in coming months… character-wise anyways ;)

Anyways, trying to think if there is anyone I’ve been uber impressed with lately. Still keeping my fingers crossed Angelina returns to TNA. I’m totally hoping she returns at the tag tourney as a good girl! Would be an amazing comeback and I’m rooting for her. Please, please, please! Madison Rayne is coming into her own and settling in nicely. Proud of her! I think WWE is wasting Savannah’s talent right now. From what I’ve seen, this girl can go. But hey, she is collecting a paycheck every night and isn’t having to kill her body for it. This is ‘just business’ when it comes down to it. She is doing a great job on the mic. Oh, Kristal Lashley may be one of the best females to cut a live promo I’ve ever heard. And she looks like a woman! Very womanly and va-va voom, I like that. She’s a great addition to the Knockouts division and could very easily be the Halle Berry of wrestling. The Bellas have the best gig on the whole WWE roster. Get pretty, sit with important people all night! Can’t imagine the hatred those two have had to deal with from fellow employees!

Umm, let’s see what else? See how I blab and jump from subject to subject when I don’t have a real topic… and I’m just blogging lol. My ADHD is in full force tonight and I am all over the place!

Oh, I also got certified in Reiki since the last I wrote, that’s been a fun experience! So if any ‘rasslers need some healing, they can call me! :) I have also been seeing an angel reader, she is amazing and has helped me through quite a few business propositions lately. I’ve also sent her a few fellow Divas who have enjoyed her guidance! If you have anyone around you locally who does angel card readings I highly suggest seeing them. Word of mouth is best so you don’t get a faker. For me it’s really nice to hear that we (as humans) are never truly alone. Gosh when did I get so ‘granola’? Hahaha, I’m about to go hug a tree! :)

So I guess I’ll stop with all the randomness and finish with a quote, this is one of my favorites. I think I heard it in the movie ‘The Peaceful Warrior’. “We only have this very moment for sure. Be present”. If you really think about that, it’s so true. We never know what tomorrow brings so why do we obsess about it? Until next time…

Love and light,

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