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Mickie James Speaks on Weight Jibes


Four-time Women’s Champion, Mickie James has bitten back at weight jibes made about her saying that ‘the example being set [to young girls] is pathetic’. The comment was made as Mickie responded to a concerned fan who wrote to her on Twitter. The fan writes:

I’m really offended right now with the WWE making jokes about your weight. I really worry about girls who watch wrestling, see this kind of thing, and fall victim to hating their bodies. Because honey, if you’re not a perfect 10, I’ve never seen one. Why are they letting this charade happen?

Mickie’s response:

Awe! Thank you, sweetie. And I agree. I think the example being set is pathetic. Giving the youth a warped perception of beauty. After all… one has to love themselves first. Society makes that hard. No worries. I love myself and my body. 130 is hardly fat.

All I can say is GO MICKIE and how right she is. Mickie is looked up to as a role model by young girls watching WWE television and the example being set to those girls truly is pathetic. I admire Mickie for speaking out, even though she could get into trouble for her comments. In the words of the powerful Oprah, “Good for you! Good for you!”

EDIT: In respect of Mickie’s wishes, we have edited this post. Apologies to Mickie for the misquote, it was an error in judgement on our part and we mean no offense to Mickie.

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