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Lacey Evans on motherhood as a WWE superstar

Mother’s Day is this weekend. WWE Superstar, Lacey Evans, will celebrate the occasion with her daughter knowing she will finally receive the career-making match that eluded her for months.

Recently, she spoke to TV Insider about her relationship with her daughter, and what it means to be a positive role model to her.

Sometimes on the road, whether it’s NXT or on RAW, it can be stressful,” Evans said. “It impacts you mentally in a lot of ways. You’re pulled left and right. She kind of grounds me and centers me and allows that stress to not be so harsh. She is my outlet in every way.

No matter how rough things get or how stressed I am, all I have to do is look at her. She is my little getaway. Everything else doesn’t matter in my life because there is my baby, and in her eyes, I can do no wrong. Whether I’m a champion, win or lose, she is convinced she has the coolest mother in the world. It’s a breath of fresh air when she is around.

She also discussed how her family reacted to her call up to the main roster and how her life has changed since.

“My family had already been in the car waiting to get on the road to head home. I asked if I could bring them in to tell them. My daughter was just so excited. She was excited to move back home because once I made it to RAW, a lot of things change in your life as far as being a WWE superstar. My husband, daughter and I were just so excited because it was a huge step in our lives.”

There aren’t many active wrestlers who are mothers on the WWE roster. So, it’s always good to hear about the ones, like Evans, who can juggle both responsibilities well.

Next weekend Lacey Evans will challenge Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship, her first title match since her main roster debut.

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