Monday, February 26, 2024

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Lacey Von Erich Comments on Sunny’s Tirade with the Perfect Insult


Controversial TNA Knockout, Lacey Von Erich has responded for the first time to scathing comments made about her by former WWE Diva, Sunny [Tammy Sytch].

Last month, the former Diva launched a tirade against Von Erich through her Facebook page, making overly personal comments about the Beautiful People star.

In an interview with, Lacey says:

I don’t know who she is, nor have I followed her career. Everyone has a right to their opinions and the way they share them to the world. You could take the classy respectful way, or blast them on the internet, its all up to them. I ignore it, either way.

Perhaps the ultimate diss of all — “I don’t know who she is…” And quite frankly, a perfect response to a horrible person. Brava, Lacey.

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