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Giulia Reportedly Signs With WWE

Giulia made her exit from STARDOM at the end of March and since then she has already showed why she is a hot free agent.

Since the she has popped up at an indie show in Japan, but what has really caught eye is her appearance at NXT’s Stand & Deliver. She was features in the front row with William Regal and Rossy Ogawa (STARDOM’s co-founder). Giulia was also spotted in attendance at WrestleMania XL over the weekend but was not shown on screen there.

A new report from Fightful Select has all the latest on Giulia’s status with WWE.

At NXT Stand And Deliver on Saturday afternoon, Giulia was shown in the same capacity as former free agents of the past on NXT programming, appearing in the crowd during the show. 

Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan has learned that Giulia has agreed to join WWE officially, and will finish out her remaining dates which will include some time in Rossy Ogawa’s upcoming promotion. Giulia’s negotiations were a case of WWE offering more money than AEW, with there being more interest from WWE than All Elite Wrestling. Sean Ross Sapp has also been told that Giulia did not seek an agent during her free agency. 

Sources also tell Brennan that William Regal is said to have played a key role in negotiations between WWE and Giulia, with Rossy Ogawa also proving to be an important factor in Giulia signing. 

While asking about when fans could expect to see Giulia start with NXT, it is believed she could start at any time, and remains in the US as Rossy Ogawa noted he returned to Japan alone on Tuesday. 

With regard to her appearance at NXT Stand And Deliver, sources tell Brennan that Giulia was rushed to her seat at ringside under a cloak and was said to have been overwhelmed by the positive reaction from the crowd. 

Giulia was also in attendance for WrestleMania 40, and was backstage as well as in the crowd during the event and was notably wearing credentials that read “performer”.

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