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Latest On Lady Frost’s IMPACT Requested Release

Lady Frost requested her release from IMPACT Wrestling two months ago but her profile is still shown on the promotion’s official website. According to a new report from Fightful Select, Frost has not been granted her release as of yet. And as of now, it doesn’t appear that it is going to be.

Fightful has been told from IMPACT sources that along with her release has not been provided she has not been used and along with this, she has not been paid per the terms of her deal. Similar to the deals former IMPACT talents Acey Romero and Larry D were on, Frost is on an exclusive paid-per-appearance deal. She would only get paid when she is used.

Frost has not been at any recent IMPACT tapings and there are no creative plans for her at this moment. Furthermore, it has been said that she’s made it clear via numerous avenues that she wishes to be released and requested her release directly to Anthem’s President and CEO Leonard Asper. Frost confirmed her request to be released on social media.

The talent needed to schedule a medical procedure earlier in the year and had informed IMPACT management of this. Despite this, Frost was booked for the Dallas tapings in April without her hotel or flight accommodations from the company and ended up paying out of pocket. She was reportedly left in the dark about her status while she was sidelined and was told she wouldn’t be used in the immediate future.

Further issues raised were how much Frost was being paid compared to the costs of performing at the tapings. There were also other reimbursements for medical costs that she says were not provided, though they were supposed to be. One note includes that one meal is generally provided during a 12-hour workday during tapings. There are also other unpaid travel accommodations that Frost said effectively were costing her money to work for the tapings – a company she felt doesn’t value her health.

When Frost asked for her release she was asked if she wanted to sit out the duration of her contract, which would leave her unpaid for over two years.

Fros recently opened up about her mental health and thoughts about her in-ring future. You can read more on that here.

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