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Latest On Natalya’s WWE Contract

On May 23, Fightful stated in a report that Natalya was offered and in talks with a new WWE contract but a decision had not been made.

That seems to still be the case.

In the latest report, Fightful Select states that two sides are still in talks, but a new contract has not been signed. There does appear to be interest outside of WWE as well.

As of now, WWE and Natalya are still in talks.

Recently, Fightful revealed that Natalya’s WWE contract is set to expire in June. Despite the fact that she’d been heavily featured on NXT, and looks to be headed in a new direction on WWE Raw, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp confirmed that as of Thursday, Natalya and WWE have yet to come to terms on a new deal. The two sides have been in talks, however.

For those asking about outside interest, there is expected to be outside interest from a variety of companies globally, for a number of roles in addition to wrestling. We’ve had several inquiries about the possibility of Natalya working the Owen Hart Cup Tournament, and was told it was “plausible” depending on when the tournament starts. We’ve not heard anything on the AEW side as to whether or not they expect that. 

Natalya’s deal is up over the next few weeks. Her husband TJ Wilson is also one of the most highly regarded producers in wrestling.

Natalya has been signed with WWE since 2007 and is the longest tenured woman on the roster.

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